FMPF - The Mansion

There are five girls named, jenny mary maddy zoe and clare.There is a mansion down the road. Oneday they go exploring and mary walks off up stairs and finds a dressup table with a mirror onit that reflects your dreams. Mary looks init with a crown on her head suddenly she feels dizzy she falls on the mirror and cracks it glass goes all over her and blood She is dead the mirror brings her back to life, in the mirror living as BLOODY MARY, and then maddy walks off and finds the mirror with money all around her in the mirror in the back ground in the mirror Maddy sees the door open and it’s BLOODY MARY She pulls Maddy in living as BlOODY MARY’S sister. The girls ran everwhere looking foe her, now the three girls know what happened, and they were grounded for two years, and after that they were never seen again.iThe mirror was still waiting. THE END.

Submitted by Anonymous, Tasmania, Australia