Ghost in the Attic

Well... I am no story writer or anything, but I am going to try to tell you what happened to me.

For quite a few nights, I had been hearing this noise in the attic---right above me. I was scared at first, because I have always believed in ghosts and stuff and I do get excited about them, but when I started making up the fact that there might be one under my bed or in my closet... I start scaring myself! So... I was scared. Let me tell you what the noise sounded like... It was---Different. it sounded like someone or someTHING was walking around up there, but there was a kind of noise that sounded like a mixture of a fighting cat and a horse whinnying. I know you can't imagine what that sounds like right now, but if you heard it, I'm sure you'd describe it in the same way! N-Ewayz---I started getting bored with getting scared by it every night, so, one night that I stayed up late to watch "Saturday Night Live", I heard it and decided to go see what it was. So I went out to the garage and stood at the entrance to the attic. The noise grew louder and it sounded like it was RUNNING towards the attic door. So I...chickened out of going inside the attic to investigate (Hey, don't laugh at me... You would've chickened out, too if you were in my position!). I tried to tell my parents about it, but they didn't care (They never do...But that's a different story). I had been telling my best friend about the noise in the attic since it started happening---Since I first heard it. So I told her about how I had planned to check it out and then how I chickened out, and she wanted to come over to my house and go in the attic with me. I was still scared to TRY to go in there again, but since my best friend would be with me, I thought it sounded like a good idea. So I listened to the noise for another whole week, and then she stayed the night at my house that weekend. We waited until my parents were asleep and then we waited to hear the noise...And we waited...and waited... and waited... and... we never heard the noise. We did hear my sister's and parents' snores... but nothing else. We fell asleep trying to listen for it. My best friend was very disappointed when she had to leave the next day.

I heard it the night after that, but I wasn't going to go up in the attic again by myself! So I did nothing. My best friend stayed the night at my house every time she possibly could... But we still didn't hear it. I don't know why, but every time she was at my house, we wouldn't hear it. So... Summer Vacation came and my best friend had been trying to listen for the noise for about three months... and she still hadn't heard it. Well, since school was out, she started staying at my house more often. Then, her parents went on vacation and she was staying at my house for a whole two weeks. We were excited about that (not just because of the ghost-listening, because of other reasons... We were best friends and we loved spending time together... but that's not what I am supposed to be writing about!). At the end of the first week, we fell asleep listening for it... again. I guess the ghost or whatever got used to her being at my house so much and started to accept her or something, because on the 8th day of her being at my house, she woke me up, panting and sweating really hard. Her face was as pale as could be. "What's that noise?" she asked me, more frightened and stiff than a deer in headlights. I listened (I didn't have to listen very hard since the noise was so loud!) and I heard it... The noise. Were both so frightened from being woken up in the middle of the night by that thing in the attic, that we were WAY too scared to go into the attic now! So we both listened to the noise for three more nights, frightened as I don't know what. Then, finally, my best friend said, "I want to go see what it is... What is up in your attic..." I said, "Ok... You go up there by yourself and check it out!" NO... I'm just kidding. We went out to the garage together and opened the little pull-down-door-thingy and the ladder slid out. We weren't as scared as I was when I went down there by myself because it didn't sound like it was heading right towards us! When we went to go up the stairs, the noise stopped, because we could still hear it. I went up first (since it was my attic and I knew where the light switch was and all, my best friend decided that for me...). I had my hand behind my back and was clutching her hand VERY tightly and I walked quickly, but quietly to the light switch. I turned it on and we both looked around and we saw............................... nothing. There was nothing in the room. We looked everywhere and we were up in that attic for over and hour looking.

The next night we decided that we would have a seance. So we got WHITE candles and a Ouija board and we had a seance. We told the "thing" up there that we were frightened and that we wanted it to go away. I guess we were too rough, because the light bulb burst and everything went pitch black. Me and my best friend hauled out of there as fast as we could and every night since then, I heard that noise in the attic... We moved out of my house less than a year after that, but it was scary while it lasted. I don't know if my parents or sisters ever heard that noise in the attic, but me and my best friend sure did. This all happened over four years ago. The house that I used to live in when that happened... Burned down a little over a year ago... The fire started in the attic...

Submitted by Florida, USA