April 1998

Someone to Watch Over Me

The Unseen Guest

A Night at the Cemetery

Haunting on Alabama Street

The St. Mary Train

Soul Hungry House

Ghostly Footsteps

Old Orphanage at Gettysburg Ghost Conference

Port Perry Ghost

Floating Ghost

Child Ghost

The St. Joachim Werewolf

He Follows Me!

Mom's Story

My Spirit Guide

Ouija Board (7)

Haunted Apartment

Ghost in the Dark

Shaking Bed

Iron Maiden Demon

Overturning Picture

A Special Visit

The Haunting of Winterton House

Supernatural or Superficial?

The DisneyWorld Encounter


Haunted Ouija

The Mystery Me (?)

Phantom Pets II

Visit from a Spirit

My Grandmother

The Doll

Floating Lady

Flying Vortex

Friends Experience

Desperate Woman

Grandmothers Spirit

The House on Nelson Street

Ghosts of the Blind School

The Guardian

The Short Visit

The Silly Spirit

True One

The Hand That Came Out of Nowhere

Closet Spirit

A Man with a Hat

Ghost Story



The Upstairs

A Skeptics Encounter