The Haunted House

I worked in some haunted houses as an actress. These were haunted houses that people paid to get into and actors scared them. Not really haunted. Well the guy I worked for owned three such houses, but there was a problem with one of them. This is the true story of the occurrences.

One of the houses used to be a hotel. On Halloween night in the 1930's some pranksters accidentally set the place on fire. Nine children and one adult died as a result of the fire. Six of the children had died when they fell down an elevator shaft. The other three children and the adult were burned to death trying to get out.

The first night I worked there we were waiting outside for the doors to be unlocked. I was talking to some co-workers when I happened to look up. I saw two children looking down at me from the roof. I thought it was odd and mentioned it to the people I was talking to. They looked up and also saw them. Just then the owner came out and told us to get inside.

Later I was up in my assigned room when the trap doors we use to get though the house started to open and close violently and by themselves. I know it was not a co-worker because I was the only one on that floor. Just as suddenly as it started the doors became silent. I then heard a baby cry from the unfinished area on that floor. When I went to look I suddenly felt very unwanted there so I went back and sat down. The baby continued to cry for another twenty minutes. I began to hear the sounds of children playing which continued for the rest of the night. I later found out that the three children (including one baby) and the adult had died trying to escape from that very floor.

I refused to work there again but was made to on Halloween. I was working a room called the torture chamber. It was the most haunted room in the house. The floor it was on was one below the one I had been on last time and was also by far the most haunted floor. The lay out is like this: first you cross a bridge, then you go into the junkyard, you then go though a maze, at the end of the maze is the bloodbath, then you go into the torture chamber, followed by the vertigo room, and last is Wolfie's (the names have nothing to do with anything that actually happened there). The bridge is an old wooden plank and rope type with a five foot drop on either side where the actor hides. The bridge has a tendency to swing when no one is on it and hit the actors. One of the actors is a real big guy that doesn't take crap from anyone. One night he was standing around in the junkyard waiting for customers when out of the blue something hit him and blacked his eye. No one was in the room with him our even near him when it happened. In the bloodbath there is a fountain that has red water to represent blood. Several rats have drowned in the basin, thus making it smell awful. One night the smell went away for no apparent reason. The actor went over to check it out and found that the water didn't seem the right consistency. He stuck his fingers in it and realized it was blood. He panicked and screamed the password for help. When help arrived the fountain was back to normal but the actor still had blood on his hand.

The torture chamber ghosts have been known to throw things at people. I was expecting that when I got there. What I wasn't expecting was the abundance of tales I had from the veterans of that room. A fellow actress always worked that room. One time she was going down one of the minislides in the room when something grabbed the back straps of her dress and held her there until the straps ripped. It then pushed her off the ledge at the end of the slide. Another actor had his head smashed into a wall putting him in the hospital for several days. One actor had his mask ripped off his head. When I was there stuff was thrown at me and I was pushed a couple of times. I was in the vertigo room when the worst thing that happened to me occurred.

First I was investigating and found a trap door. When I pushed it something pushed back. I found out later that the remnants of the elevator shaft were behind the door. Later I was banging a board against the walls to scare people when something grabbed the end of the board and hit me with it several times. This was witnessed by a fellow actress who came to see if I was OK. Nothing to my knowledge has ever happened in the maze or Wolfie's. I know that I have a lot of things that no one told me until later but no one tells you anything extra unless something happens to you. I swear this is a true account.

Submitted by Miranda, Missouri, USA