June 1998

Great Gramma Tom or Strange Spirit?

Things that go "tap tap" in the night

Strange Happenings

Burning Down the House

Helpful Spirit

Never Seen Again at Fifteen

Ouija 10

The Red Ribbon

The Ghost at the Foot of the Bed

Anderson Mansion



Ames Blue Mist

Player Piano Enigma

The Pensione Spirits

My Sisters Bed

Mother Watching Over Me

She Came Back

An Unexpected Visit

The Dark

What is the meaning to this?

Ghosts in the Woods

Photogenic Soul

The Lake and The Man

Monkey Woman

Darkness (The little short demon with red eyes)

Ouija 11

Ouija 12

Runs in the Family

I'll See You in a Bit

Old Man Johnson

Grandma's Ghost

The Last Dance

Lost Hitchhiker

The Closet

Lights Out

A Special Book