March 1998

Not Al, Tim The Toolmans Assistant

Grandpa Came Back

A Brush With Aswang


My St. Louis Haunted Home

UFO Encounter

The Doll


Shadows in the Night

Ghost Lake

What The Hell Was That?!

Imaginary Killer

Bloody Visitor

The Misty Experience

Tortured Souls Aloft

Hide and Seek

The Miners Cabin

The Ghosts on the Wall

Haunted Hallway

The Little Girl

One Last Goodbye

My Mothers Haunted Doll

Call Me

Close Encounter

Devil Eyes in the Mirror

The Back Room


The Preoccupied Rental

Strange Feelings


Ghost Stories

The Old Black Man

His Dad Came Back

The Divine Help and the Damned Howling

My Father

House Guests

A Ghost or A Dream?

Native American Stories - The Real Deal

Double Vision

Warned of an Untimely Death