Back in 1987, my roommate Sandy and I, out of boredom, decided we would play Ouija. It was an old board, picked up at a garage sale. Neither of us believed in the spirits that a Ouija board could produce, we played just for fun. Well, this became a regular game for us and for several nights, nothing odd happened. Sandy and I got bored with the typical questions like how will we find the love of our life, who will it be etc. We decided to go a little deeper and find out more about the "spirit" guiding us. Several nights we spent hours with virtually no response. About the fifth night, we got very detailed on our questions and tested the Ouija board with personal questions, ones only Sandy or I would know the answer to. Invariably, it answered our questions quite precise, with correct spellings of addresses as well as boyfriends. So again, we began asking the board about the spirit. The board answered very vaguely, claiming to be a good spirit, wanting to help us. The more in depth the questions we asked, the longer the spirit took to answer. Sandy and I had been sitting on the floor for about four hours and were in much need of a break. The last question we had asked, was how the spirit died and when. We waited for about fifteen minutes with no response, and decided it was time for a break. We both sat in opposite corner chairs discussing the odd answers we had received. We looked down at the board, suddenly and quickly the board began answering our questions. We were both frightened and sat still until the board stopped. Neither of us said a word, we quickly gathered up the board and ran outside and tossed it in the dumpster. This was a terrifying experience for us and we didn't discuss it for months. Throwing the Ouija board in the dumpster did not make the spirit disappear, however, since that experience, doors have opened to the spiritual world for me, many odd occurrences have happened to this date and will probably continue. No, most of the time this is not bothersome, but on occasion it does frighten me.

Submitted by Stacy Mccall, Texas, USA