When I was 19 when this scary incident took place. I was doing a pre-university course at that point of time and our school building was a torturing camp used by the Japanese during World War two. One of our friends introduced us to an Ouija board and we became addicted to it after subsequent times. We wanted to try out the board in the evening when its dark and also at the top of the building which was always unoccupied. It was rumored that the top of the building is haunted. We were excited about it and waited for school to end. We brought our dinner and took it there. There were 4 of us playing the game. We summoned the spirit and asked silly questions like when we will get married and things like that. The spirit told us that it was 84 years old and had died due to an accident. At this point of time, I do not know why but I had this great urge to ask it whether it was hungry. Strangely without realizing it, I asked and it answered yes.My friends were shocked and scolded me for asking such a question. I kept very quiet throughout. We were all very scared and decided to end the game for the day promising ourselves that we'd play it the next day.

All of us took the same bus and when one of our friends wanted to alight first, she heard a male laughing close to her ears. She told us about this the next day. She thought that it might of been a fellow passenger but it was impossible as we were the only ones in the bus. How could you explain this? Not only that, when I was walking home that night something scratched my wrist and it was quite painful. I thought maybe the sharp edges of my watch might have been responsible for that as I wear my watch very loose. I was bleeding all the way home and had to bandage it. The next day, when the 4 of us met, one of the other girls told us that the previous night when she was studying, she felt someone sitting on the table watching her study. Her study room is situated in such a way that it faces the common corridor. She got terrified and went to sleep with her mother right away. My other friend told me that when she was sound asleep she suddenly woke up with a start. It was as if someone had woken her up and a few times during the night, something tickled her leg. She was so scared that she prayed for a few hours before falling asleep. All the 4 of us who played the game were affected in some way or another. Its more than a coincidence that all of us experienced it on the same day.

Ever since that day, we stopped playing with the Ouija for good and vowed not to do it ever again. However, it still troubled us for 2 years until my father brought us to a witch doctor. He said that it had stuck with us as it had no companion. We were scared stiff when we heard this. But fortunately, he managed to exorcise the spirit. This is a true personal experience.

Submitted by Santhi Mutrawipillai Sanmugum, Singapore