October 1998

Visitation 2

Grandfatherly Advice

The Bad Dream That Came True

Visited by a Spirit

Louie, Louie

A Very Eerie Experience

Surprise Attack


Evil Ankh

A Visit from a Warlocks Friend

What Are You?

Grand Central

The Toymaker



Pacing Around the Stove

Visit from a Suicide?

Momo's Farewell

The Stepfather

My Friend Johnny

There When We Need Him

In Loving Hands

The Voice

Things That Go Bump In The Night 2

A Fright From the Stairs

Mike's Room

Untitled Story 4


The Picture

Roundabout Invitation

A Growing Experience

Ghost Mother and Baby

Who The Hell Are You?

Spectre of Spanish Lake

Wrong Number

Beth's Entities

White Diamonds

Haunted Maryland Cottage

Steven's Gift


Hobo Ghost

Little Girl

Little Girl 2

The Ghost From Darling Cemetery


The Ouija Board (14)

The Sad Lady

The Legend of Jake Martin's Gold

Highway Ghost

The Love of Annie's Ghost

Blackjack Ketchum

It's the Little Things

Renting A Haunted Apartment

Tea Anyone?

Chill on Churchill Drive

Blood on the Nightgown

The Attic 3