The Lady In White

This story happened around 1988 in the Philippines when I was around nine years old.

Going home from my uncle's wedding party, I could see the dark clouds hovering above me. It was getting dark and just the right time to go home. My house was about a quarter mile away, so I figured walking would get me home just in time. I was wrong.

Mother Nature got me really good! Soaking wet from the rain, I changed quickly when I got in the house. I rested on the sofa seat overlooking the front lawn and stared blankly at the heavy raindrops showering the ground. Then, out of nowhere, a lady dressed in white passed by my sight. She had dark hair, brown skin, and was walking semi-sideways when I saw her. It seemed as if she was wearing a nightgown, which struck me really odd. At first, I thought one of the maids was outside doing some chores when it started pouring. I got up quickly and went by the wooden door. I partly opened the screen door in front of it and turned the lights on. With my head stuck out, I checked. No one was there. I was, somewhat, baffled because our front lawn is wide, and even on the rain, I can see one end to the other. So, it would be impossible for the lady to run towards the gate and exit quickly nor climb on the surrounding 7-foot fence and escape in a 3-4 second interval.

I went back inside and asked the maids if one of them got caught in the rain. They all said no. According to them, they had been in the kitchen for the last hour cleaning. I started getting scared. The sudden loss of electricity only added to my fear. I remember running towards my mother in the dark and clinging to her legs. I think I passed out afterwards.

The next day I shared my experience with a couple of friends. Only then did I find out that what I saw was really a ghost. One of my friends had heard a similar story from his mother, and according to her, it was the restless spirit of a pregnant woman. Sometime ago, a pregnant lady was abandoned by her boyfriend. Desperately searching for him, she gave up and committed suicide. This experience made me a true believer.

Submitted by Carlo Dionson, Florida, USA