January 1999

Untitled Story (7)

Ghost Child

Granny's House

Clinking Crystal

The Unbelievable Aircraft

Visit From An Uncle?

Queen Mary Encounter

Classic Haunting

The Elevator

Summerville Light

My Sisters Story

Myth or Demon?

Haunted Memories

Ghost In The Machine

Incident In Room #217

Ghost In My Room

Untitled Story No. 14

Untitled Story No. 15

Someone On The Stairs

Ghost Girl

Old Hag

Strange Phenomenon

Untitled Story No. 9

Was It Real?

Bathroom Companion

Untitled Story No. 10

Untitled Story No. 11

Grandma's Still Here

Knock Knock

Wolfie and the Upsidedown World

Untitled Story No.12

Mother's Protection

The Attic Steps

Mamaw's House

Nothing Special

Untitled Story No. 13

The Worst Day Of My Life