Incident In Room #217

This perhaps is not a ghost story, but I have no other way to categorize what this entity might have been.

The incident itself happened to me the spring semester of 1993 while I was a student at the University if Wyoming in "historic Laramie". It is true, and it is an experience that was shared with at least one other student.

At the time I was living in Crane Hall, second floor, room #217. I had only occupied this room since the beginning of the semester in mid-January. The room itself was small, constructed of red brick and cinderblock with a whole wall of windows facing west. Throw a rug on the floor hang a few posters and you have any dorm room in America. The atmosphere was dull at best and I actually inhabited the room for the better part of the semester without incident until two weeks before finals.

I was lying on my back asleep when I felt two fingers being dragged from my chin down my throat and across my collarbone. The pressure was enough that the fingernails were painfully scratching me. The moment I woke up the hand pulled away. Because the windows where covered by blinds that never kept out the light from the street lights the room was pretty well lit. For one moment I just lay there staring at the ceiling tiles thinking I was dreaming. Then I began to look around me, from the wall at the foot of my bed, to the windows that denied me enough darkness to sleep properly, to the strange man on my left who was kneeling next to my bed.

The man himself seemed to be watching me apprehensively, waiting to see what I would do. He was solid enough, wearing dark clothing, and in the odd lighting he appeared very pale. I had a stranger in my room and I was scared. Without thinking I rolled over to my right and hit the light, when I looked behind me nothing was there. I was relieved and turned the light out thinking it was a dream. However the second my head hit the pillow my eyes were wide open and I immediately sat back up and turned the light back on. Because in one brief moment my brain came up with this question:"If it was a dream how come he and the rest of the room was out of focus?". It was true, I'm severely nearsighted with and astigmatism to boot. I can't see more then eight inches past my face clearly, yet when I dream everything is as good as 20/20. when I had woken up the ceiling, walls, the stranger were all blurry! I didn't have my glasses on, I wasn't asleep so I couldn't see him clearly. He was wearing dark clothes yet I couldn't tell if it was a shirt or jacket. He was pale and that was my best description because quite frankly I couldn't tell if he was bald or just fair headed. And his eyes were just two fuzzy black blobs in his face. I was freaked, but interestingly enough I calmed down within 20 minutes, mainly because I realized that I sensed that whoever that was didn't mean any harm, in fact there was an odd feeling that he was sorry.

I managed to put things off to the side in my head to get through the next two weeks, until three days before the last day of school. I was helping my neighbor Kim, who lived across the hall from me two doors down, pack up her room. Kim and I were talking about her French penpal, her grandfather, WWII etc. when we came to a lull in the conversation. At which point Kim asked me what I thought of my room. I said it was okay, she wrinkled up her nose and said,"Oh! I hated that room! I couldn't get out of there fast enough and I still don't like to walk past it." At which point we just stared at each other for a moment. I must have had a peculiar look on my face because then she said, "You've seen it too." I just said yeah, and then Kim proceeded to tell me her story.

When Kim first came to UW a year and a half before, she was assigned to room 217. Half way through the semester she awoke one night because she heard a step on the floor (the floor is tile and she didn't have a rug like me.). Standing in the middle of her room looking startled as though he were just caught in the act of something was a tall man in a dark suit. He was bald, with a long sharp nose and black eyes that watched her as though he were surprised to see her and yet he had been walking towards her. He stopped and waited to see what she would do. She reached over and turned on the light, the very second the light filled the room, he disappeared. Kim then called her boyfriend and made him come over to sit up and watch t.v. with her since she couldn't sleep after that. I just sat there gaping, when Kim asked me what happened, I said, "he touched me." I was in shock and it took me a few minutes to organize my thoughts before I could tell her the rest. "Who is he?" Kim asked. We both wish we knew, but there was nothing to go on. Crane Hall itself has no bizarre history and if it does nobody bothered to keep tabs. This guy is obviously not a student and when Kim and I compared notes we agreed that it "felt" like he wasn't tied to the room or even the dorm. It honestly seems as though this "entity" can come and go as it pleases. What Kim and I were able to piece together just from sensations that he apparently communicated to us is that he is curious, lonely, and wanders about since 217 just seemed like a pitstop on one of his travels. It actually bothered us both that we didn't find the situation more disturbing, in fact one of the sensations I picked up from this stranger was not to be surprised if I should meet up with him again.

Submitted by Dixie Matlack, Wyoming USA