October 1999

Who's There?

My Dead Grandma

The Jealous Boyfriend

Strange Experiences

House of Horror

Ghost in the Closet

The White House

Grandpa Henry

Grandma's Apartment

My Personal Ghost Part II

Rag Doll

Ouija Board and the Polish Mercenary

Nightly Guests

The Door

Spirits Watching Over Me


Flashlight Visitor

Junior is Watching

The Covern's Curse

A Visitor at the Farm

My Angel

The Tower of London Experience

37 Devils

The Ghost of a Little Girl

The Scary Happenings in Our Home

Elizabeth (2)

Soldiers in the Mist

The Wicked World of Ouija

Night Visitors (2)

The House at the Bottom of the Hill

Death of A Celebrity


Ghost in the Mirror

Creepy Feelings and Shadows


Winds of Time


The Indian on the Farm

The Ghost in the Corner

Haunted Central Jersey Apartment

I Didn't Believe

Is That House Haunted

My Baby Brother

Cemetery Kid

Crash Site

Ghostly Steps

The Monkey Man

The Grey Man

The Farmers Tractor

A Family Home


Unexplained Mystery in Palmer Cemetery

My House 3

Wreath of Feathers

Guardian on the Road

The Sundance House

Hand on my Shoulder

WOW - that was real!

A Visit From Mother

The Austin House

All Alone

The Tunnel

Lady (2)

My Great-Grandmother's House

I Now Believe