September 1999

My Entity

Dark Haired Visitor

Mysterious Toys

My Father Reports Own Death

Ouija (story 15)

Grandma Came to our House

Lady and the Devil

Missing Time

The Back Room

The Buried Construction Worker

My House 2

The Premonition

Guardian Angel (2)

Three is A Crowd

Haunted Clock

Entertainment Ghost

Christmas Eve Visit

The Window

My Guardian Angel

Ghost Pet

Voice in the Dark

Night Terrors

Classic Train Tale

At Mom's House


Kiss of Death

Great Grandma

Was it An Angel?

Who Was in My Bed?



The Silver Whistle

The Friendly Ghost

House of Nightmares

The Inherited Car and Great-Grandma

Feldweble Moritz

The Basement (4)

Grandfathers Favorite

A Troubled Passing

Time Slips

A Confrontation

Grandmother's Rocking Chair