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Located in Scotland near the village of Glamis, 5 miles west of Forfar, Glamis Castle resides. One of the things that it is most famous for is that it was the setting for Shakespear's "Macbeth". Among the oldest and most haunting parts of the castle is Duncan's Hall, which commemorates the slaying of King Duncan by Macbeth. Although the actual killing took place near Elgin, this is the traditional Shakespearean scene of the crime.

Glamis is the ancestral home of the Lyon, now Bowes-lyon family. At the head are the Earls of Strathmore, who, though ennobled three times before, became Scottish Earls in 1677 and UK Earls only in 1937, when Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Duchess of York, became Queen of England, later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who's childhood home was Glamis. Princess Margaret was born at Glamis and it also has the room where King Malcolm of Scotland died after being wounded in battle. The Castle was visited by Mary Queen of Scots on 22nd August, 1562. The famous secret chamber is said to be known only to the Laird and his heir. The Castle has many legends and secrets surrounding it.

The first and most well known legend is of the secret room or chamber that is hidden deep within the castle walls

Glamis Castle is open to the public usually from 10.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m. (last admission 4.45 p.m.) from Saturday, 1st April, to Monday, 30th October, 1995 (all days inclusive).
It is located 5 miles miles from Fofar and just near the village of Glamis:
DD8 1RL. Glamis, Angus, Scotland
TEL: 01307-840202
FAX: 01307-840257

glamis castle

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