Haunting Spirits

Ian, California, USA

I've lived in this house since I was five, my family moved here because it was close to my school. When I first started sleeping upstairs I would never let myself be caught in the dark alone, if I ever was I would run as fast as I could down into the living room. Even now I feel something watching me if I'm in the dark, but now to the story.

A few months ago I got cable installed in my room so I stayed up late at night working on my computer while watching TV I heard two short knocks on my door and I said as I usually do "ENTER" , nothing came in so I said it louder and still nothing. So muttering a few profanities I got up and opened the door , it was dark and there was no one there. Later a few pagan friends and I were talking about it at a local park which had a small willow grove, my friend suggested that I take a few willow branches from the ground and hang them above my door, then she gave me a warning she said "Put it above your door and it will keep all evil out of your room, but if you give an invitation to that evil it will be worthless." I took these words to heart and put the willow branches on a few nails above my doorway. Later after all this was forgotten a single knock came to my door so I replied without thinking "ENTER" and no one responded, so fear racking I got up and opened the door, again there was nothing there and by calling out "enter", I had rendered my willow branch useless. Now I fear for my safety and the safety of my sister and mother.

I have had a few other experiences with things as such in no chronological order here are the minor occurrences:

  • On occasion I see moving shadows or people out of the corner of my eye yet when I look there's nothing there.

  • I have seen faces in my sisters windows.

  • My door used to slam shut and shake violently as if someone was trying to get in yet there was no windows open to justify it.

I plan on taking pictures through out my house at the local cemetery and at two local parks where many murders have taken place (the zodiac killer and a cult) in hopes of catching proof of whatever this thing is.