Living in a Haunted House

Justin Michalidek, Iowa, USA

I happen to live in a haunted house. I don't know how it got haunted, I have lived in it since it was built 5 or 6 years ago, and no one has died in it or anything. But, it now has a spirit of some sort.

There has always been one room of my house that I could always feel a spirit in (I have been able to sense spirits for about 10 years now, I am currently 17, as of 1997). I really didn't know why though, I had never seen anything, and couldn't think of any reason for a spirit to be in my house. Sometime in 1995, 2-3 years after the house was built, I started hearing something scratching at my bedroom door, and could feel the door vibrate from the scratching, while no one was home, so I know it wasn't my brother or sister trying to be funny. I would always open the door, and no one would be there. At first I thought it was possibly a mouse, but my house has no mice I soon discovered. Also, once in a while, I will think I see a person standing in the hallway near the haunted room, which always bothered me, because once again, there was no explanation for it, but it happened too often to just be my eyes screwing up. That was about all that happened until June 1997, then one day while my girlfriend and I were the only people in the house, the toilet flushed, at first I passed it off for the water level in the toilet being wrong, since that can cause this to happen, but why would that only happen once in 5 years, and never again before or after that time? Then about 3-5 weeks later I came home one night about 1.00 am and the power was out on the whole block, yet my microwave kept turning on and off while I just sat there, scared and wondering what the spirit may want. About a week after that, a friend and I decided to sleep in the haunted room. We waited till about 2.00am and we finally decided to go into the room. We walked in and sat down, then about 10 min. later, the room got about 5-10 degrees cooler and we could see a person standing in a corner across the room pacing back and forth, and walking out into the hallway. We sat there and watched it for about 3 hours in fear and amazement, wondering what it would do, and if it was good or bad.

I am finally starting to get used to the idea of my house being haunted and am getting over the fear, since nothing bad has happened in five years I guess it is probably not an evil spirit.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want updates as to what happens or have experiences or info to share with me.