Man in the Hallway

Chris Green, California, USA

One night I was laying in bed when I saw something in the corner of my eye. I turned to see what it was. It seemed to vanish the second I turned my head. Later that night I was about to go to sleep when I saw something in the hallway again. I saw a man with a tall black hat and black coat. I couldn't see his face at all. He just stood there facing me. I was so scared I couldn't move. He finally seemed to just vanish. I didn't get much sleep that night. The next night he appeared again and he just stood there looking at me. I tried to move but it wouldn't let me. I lay there and all I could do is stare at him. The next day I told my family what had happened. My mother said that she had been seeing strange things too. My dad didn't belive anything we said. The ghost finally stopped coming to me, but my mom said she had been seeing a man stand at the foot of her bed. My mom and me just thought that we were letting are imaginations run wild. Then that's when it started letting us know it was real. Sometimes while I would be watching TV downstairs, something would throw things out of the cabinet. When I would go over there, there would be food and boxes all over the floor. This only went on for about 2 weeks, then it stopped.The ghost stopped going into my mother's room. Whenever I'm downstairs I get this feeling that something is watching me. At night when I go upstairs I would hear footsteps behind me, so I would run. The ghost still seems to be in my house. It follows me everywhere. It still won't leave me alone.