Monte Cristo Homestead

Ghostly figure in lower right window

This early photo of the Crawley family at their homestead was taken somtime in the 1800's. Notice the eerie black figure in the lower right window. The windows contained both heavy drapes and wooden blinds (behind) at the time - the figure seems to be standing behind all these.
Please note: The above photo is © Reg & Olive Ryan - you cannot use this photo without their written permission.

Notice the human figures against the black figure
Close up of the black figure in the window - notice the difference between the human figures and the strange black figure in the window.

You may think the obvious - that the black figure is a reflection of one of the people standing on the balcony. We have looked at this and had Reg Ryan at Monte Cristo give it a try to see if he could create the same reflection - HE COULD NOT. The reflection wouldn't be so dark such as it appears in the photo. The shade from the overhead balcony is covering the people below anyway - no light is shining in on them.

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