One of Australia's Most Haunted Sites


On a sunny and bright day in Melbourne two of us went inside the old gaol to explore. We'd heard that it was haunted and wanted to see for ourselves.

We had a great time in the old gaol, got some pretty awesome strange feelings from some of the rooms.....but the most unusal thing was the following photos.

A ghostly white streak appears across the photo
This photo was taken of Rowena in one of the cells containing a prisoners death mask. We did not see or feel anything unusual at the time

Unusual Vortex appears on the right hand side
The photo above is of famous bush ranger Ned Kelly's guns. Although some believe Ned Kelly still haunts Old Melbourne gaol he was in fact never buried there and does not haunt the gaol. The vortex seen in the right hand side of the photo was not seen or felt at the time that the photo was taken. Photos either side of this one show the guns without the anomaly.

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