Monte Cristo Homestead


What was then known as the Australian Ghost Hunters Society (AGHS) and is now COSPER (Castle of Spirits Paranormal & Entity Research Group), visited Monte Cristo for a light investigation and Paranormal meet for interested parties on 9th, 10th & 11th of April 1999.

We took this opportunity to enjoy Reg and Olive Ryans warm and welcoming hospitality as well as listen to the many ghost stories of Monte Cristo that Reg could share with us. We highly recommend a visit to Monte Cristo and hope that if you are an Australian resident or if you ever consider visiting here that you will drop in to say Hello to Reg and Olive and visit their wonderful homestead.



AGHS President *now ex: Eoghan Arnold
AGHS Vice President/Castle of Spirits : Rowena Gilbert


Rowena Gilbert's Partner (at time) Mark Ferguson, 2 x members who wish to remain anonymous, Mike Lambert & partner Mandy, 2 other girls who departed early on Saturday morning.


1 Pentax SFX SLR camera 200asa, 800asa film (other members bought own cameras)
Kodak DC210 Digital Camera
Ouija Board (for further test/investigation purposes only)
EMF meters
Plenty of batteries and torches.
Sony Clear Voice Micro cassette corder with extended amplified microphone

This report of the events of Monte Cristo 1999 by Rowena Gilbert - AGHS


The arrival date for the group was Friday. Five members arrived on Friday while myself and some other members arrived on Saturday. We got most of the investigating underway on Saturday.


Upon arrival on Saturday I was disappointed to be confronted with the fact that two younger female members of the group, who were booked in etc had taken flight early Saturday morning without notice or apologies to any of the other group members. Apparently they were spooked by dogs suddenly barking unusually and howling mysteriously at their accommodation in the local pub.

The day was clear, sunny and warm and I found the other members happy and enjoying their stay with Reg and Olive Ryan. I took the opportunity to tour through the house for the first time in my life and see what interesting things I could see.

The homestead is breathtakingly beautiful, I walked inside through the grand front doorway into a small hallway with antiques galore, some beautiful chairs decorated the entranceway and tucked in behind some luscious velvet drapes is the steep old staircase where the ghostly voices of children have been heard, and where tourists often have bad and uncomfortable feelings.

Children of today quite often react with sudden asthma attacks and overwhelming emotions when near or on the staircase. It is believed that one of the Crawley's children was accidently dropped down the staircase at an early age and died. It is also widely believed that other children may have met with a fatal accident in this area as the stairs are steep and a menace for any young child.

The house is cool and comfortable and very pleasant to tour through. I continued walking through the wonderful downstairs rooms including the old dining room, the sewing room and the breakfast room. The dining room has the spooky reputation of having small ghostly children appear inside. Many people report of being told to "Get Out" by the dominating Mrs. Crawley while standing inside or nearby the room. While all were very interesting at the time I could not detect anything to warrant ghostly or paranormal activity.

I then continued up the old staircase to take a look at the top rooms and see if they contained any ghostly inhabitants of the hour. The wonderfully old fashioned red carpeted stairs have been kept to their original steep height, Reg wanted to keep the house as original as possible so never replaced the stairs and made them easier to climb. I have no idea how the ladies in the 1800's would climb the stairs in all their silk and petticoats!

Arriving on the top floor it becomes apparent why Mr. Crawley built the homestead on such a hill. The view over Junee is wonderful and glorious to look at. I can certainly imagine Mr. Crawley standing on the balcony enjoying looking at his town.

Was there a ghost in the corner of the drawing room?Upon entering the spooky Drawing Room I noticed a definite cold chilliness to the air, one that brought on instant goose bumps, it was freezing in that room which was remarkably different from the other rooms of the house. I along with some other tourists walking through the house commented that we all got a weird feeling from the corner of the room near the doorway (right photo). Perhaps ghosts were watching the tour?. I tested the difference to the feel of the room by walking in and out. It was most definitely different in the Drawing Room at that time - it was kind of spooky.

The Drawing Room is "always cold" say's Reg Ryan. No matter how warm the rest of the rooms are the Drawing Room stays definitely chilly with a different feel to it. Reg has already explored the Drawing Room thoroughly and why the room would or could be colder but can so far find no answer.



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