Monte Cristo Homestead

When meeting with the rest of the group again outside we all commented on which room we thought had the most paranormal activity. The vote was unanimous - THE DRAWING ROOM. It seems everyone who entered the room had a weird or unusual feeling. Some of the sensitive's in the group picked up on many spirits and energies from the Drawing Room, it was a common that most picked up on a man standing at the small table looking out the window. Perhaps this accounted for the strange feel to the room.

We decided to all return as a group upstairs to the Drawing Room and gain some further feelings, ideas as to what was going on in there. Once up there the cold and strange feel to the room had mysteriously disappeared.

The cupboard in the girls room opened by itself One member commented on how the day before in the Girls Room that one of the wooden cupboard doors opened suddenly and unexpectedly on it's own when they were inside. Thinking it may have been some paranormal activity we were disappointed to find that a triggered floor board on the other side of the room made a neat trick for Reg and Olive to scare the tourists with!. ( LEFT: photo points to trick cupboard door)

Reg then escorted all of us up to the Junee Cemetery where the graves of Mr.Crawley, Mrs. Crawley and baby Ethel Crawley can be found. Ethel was accidentally dropped down the stair case at Monte Cristo by one of the servants or nannie's.

We toured through the cemetery and had a good look at the ancient graves there as the sun set over Junee. On other occasions when we have visited the cemetery at night we have never been able to record any evidence of paranormal activity whatsoever. The cemetery always seems remarkably quiet and pleasant to me. Once we saw a mysterious event where the moon shone on the tombstones causing them to glow in the dark like bright lights!. It was quite a lovely sight to see.

Ethel Crawley's Grave
The Grave of tiny Ethel Crawley

Individual members of our Ghost hunting group returned back to their accommodation to get some rest before a night of ghosts and ghost hunting!

AGHS enjoy dinner in the main dining room Dinner was served up in the historic Dining room with full silver and service. It was a wonderful treat for all of us and we hoped that some of the ghosts would call on us while in the room.

I took the opportunity to sneak up to the very isolated and very haunted Chapel Room to leave my micro cassette recorder with a 60min tape and an amplified microphone recording. The Chapel Room was the haunting ground of Mrs. Crawley who has been spotted a few times wandering the balcony in her black outfit carrying a silver cross. Eoghan Arnold had already left a tape running in this room during the day and had caught a mysterious tapping sound coming from inside the room on tape. The tapping would get more rapid every time a tour went round to the Chapel Room, and the sound of a rocking chair could also be heard on the tape.

The night had only just begun and we soon found out who was spooked by the house as many commented on being afraid to visit the upstairs bathroom! The bathroom was located up the old stairs and through a curtain - it was a long spooky trek for those who dared tackle the haunted upstairs of the house on their own. Most of the group admitted to being a little nervous or a little on edge about the house at night as it certainly took on a spooky atmosphere that was completely different to the day!.

Some of the clairvoyant members of our group noticed that while we were in the dining room Mrs. Crawley apparently poked her head in to take a look at us. Eoghan commented later on how upset and angry she looked and that she seemed most put out that we were all in her house and disturbing her. Eoghan and Mike (group member) both saw a small ghost child (they couldn't make out what sex) running around the table as we were dining. Eoghan said that he felt the presence of children constantly around the place. It is well known that baby Ethel Crawley met her end on the staircase and it is rumored that other small infants may have died from fatal accidents or illness while inside Monte Cristo.

The dark and spooky hallwayAfter dinner I set out to retrieve the micro-cassette recorder from the Chapel Room. It was unnerving having to go upstairs and out on the balcony into the darkness on my own. It was something I decided I did not want to do. Eoghan and my partner Mark Ferguson decided to accompany me.

Walking around in the darkness, even tough I was escorted by two men, I still found the sight eerie and slightly scary. It was dark and cold at the Chapel Room and I wondered what, if anything, had been recorded on my microcasette recorder.

When returning back around the balcony Eoghan suddenly stopped and held his stomach, and was also pushed backwards by something unseen. It seems the ghosts were showing who's boss in their household! Could it be Mrs. Crawley who earlier gave Eoghan a dark look in the Diningroom?

Above Left: The Dark and Spooky Hallway containing the haunted Drawing Room just near where Eoghan was punched and pushed by something unseen.

The Haunted Chapel Room
The Chapel Room, alone on the balcony. Mrs. Crawley has been seen wandering the balcony alone in a black dress with a silver cross.



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