Monte Cristo Homestead

The seance in the Drawing Room that we had all agreed to earlier was the next thing we were intent upon doing. Although we do not use an Ouija Board as an investigative tool, we do try to use it in various locations to see what will happen and to find out and investigate further for ourselves if there is any evidence to show that an Ouija Board really does bring out spirits.

LEFT: Eoghan sets up the seance before everyone arrives - it seems someone is already possessed......or bored :0)

The Mediator was Eoghan Arnold but we found that due to others being frustrated at not having anything happen straight away they all decided to throw questions left right and center. It was a confused and unorganized session which did not work well. I think the excitement of everyone caused the seance to be disrupted and uneventful. The only spirits that came through (and with great difficulty) was a relative of Eoghan's and a daughter of one of the other members of the Ryan family. The young child appeared to be unable to communicate properly and the confusion started and ended there.

We were informed by one of the other clairvoyants in the group that the Crawley's were looking in on us along with other spirits - they did not seem upset - just curious like the rest of the people sitting around jam-packed in the room. After trying for quite a while we all gave up and ended the seance, greatly disappointed (I can never work the bloody things anyway!).

Everyone was tired so we all retreated downstairs for coffee, tea and conversation.


Afterwards as the night drew closer to the witching hour of midnight Mark, Mike, Mandy, Eoghan and myself ventured out into the cold to investigate the so called "evil" coach houses and stables at the back of the property.

Die Jack Ha, HaThe wind had come up and it was now freezing outside. The back houses include the well known Caretakers Shed where (supposedly) in the 60's a fellow from the township had gone mad and shot the caretaker of Monte Cristo after seeing Psycho 3 times. He wrote the words "Die Jack Ha Ha" on the caretakers shed.

Left: The writing on the wall "Die Jack Ha, Ha" - This photo has been slightly enhanced so you can see the writing more clearly

The Caretakers Shed also once held a mentally retarded man by the name of Harold Steele. Who was chained up in the shed for forty years. When he and his mother were the last residents left looking after the homestead his mother passed away unbeknown to anyone. He was left for days, chained up to the hole in the wall, unable to get food or water for himself. He was eventually discovered in a horrible state, with no food or water you can imagine what the poor man had to suffer. He was removed and placed in a nearby institution where he soon died.

The hole can still be seen where poor Harold Steel was chained up in the Caretakers Cottage
LEFT: The round hole in the wall in the left hand side of the door is still visible.

We found that one of our group members, Mike Lambert, to be highly sensitive to spirits and as he said himself, started to really "awaken" to the house once he was able to explore it quitely at night. We all ventured down to the stables where a young worker had been burned to death in the 1800's. His employer did not believe that he was to sick to work and so set his straw bed on fire, the poor boy died where he lay.

RIGHT: Mike Lambert investigates one of the sheds where a young man was burnt to death - he said he got an extremely strong feeling from the floor behind him
NOTE: The young employee was burnt on the floor behind where Mike is standing.

The back sheds, coach houses and stables had quite often given many clairvoyants a distinct feeling of "evil" and we were curious to see what Mike found. He did not know most of the ghost stories or history of the homestead and upon entering the shed, where the young man was burnt, he suddenly had a strong feeling of something being there. Eoghan and Mike could both smell something burning.

The rest of us entered the shed but couldn't feel anything in particular - the EMF readings were all over the place but we feel that Mike wasn't holding the EMF meter still enough and was jiggling it around causing the common reaction of high readings.

Everyone took plenty of photos but unfortunately we did not capture anything on film. Mike commented on how it was chilly, especially around his legs and feet and how he could "feel" something down low. We all stepped back (quite a distance) from this stable so as to give Mike some space and see what he could get from it. He definitely felt a presence of a man or a boy in that stable.

The Caretakers Cottage at Night
The Caretakers Cottage

We all ventured back to the Caretakers Cottage. This small shed has spooked many a clairvoyant and is considered a very "Evil" place. Mike Lambert and Eoghan Arnold did not get a good feeling from this shed and wished to be out of it immediately.

We took more photos, some EMF readings (nothing abnormal) and left the building as none of us felt at ease inside it at this time.

Mike and Eoghan returned later on that night by themselves to investigate it further. They both had a frightening experience with an extremely sinister entity that was manifesting itself in the room. They both witnessed a green glow above them on the roof and both were so unnerved by the experience that they exited the shed immediately and didn't go back!.

Now we braced ourselves to enter the dark Coach House, aside from the Drawing Room this proved to be one of the most haunted areas of Monte Cristo.



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