Monte Cristo Homestead

The Haunted Coach House at night
The Coach House where we were to encounter another mischievous, prankster spirit

The Coach House had no lighting available and is a long large building containing many beautiful and priceless horse drawn coaches. It also, at the time of our first visit, held a marvelous old funeral coach made of beautifully hand crafted glass.

AGHS in the haunted coachhouse The five of us entered the building - two of us had strong torches - Mark followed behind at the very rear of the group. Within 5 minutes of entering the dark building Mark was startled and scared by something unseen which grabbed him from behind. Totally unnerved by this he unwillingly continued to follow us (I guess he had no choice, it was either follow or be left alone in the dark).

LEFT: Walking through the dark haunted Coach House

As we moved along through the old coaches Mike, Eoghan and myself suddenly had the uncanny experience of feeling that something (not so good) was above our heads. We could see a large loft above with a ladder leading up to it and Mike took it upon himself to go to the ladder and start to climb up to the loft to explore what was up there.

We moved aside so as to not be underneath the loft and underneath the entity above us and watched as Mike was suddenly overcome by a force pushing him upwards. He allowed himself to be pushed up the stairs and was horrified to find a large open window upstairs with no barriers. He suddenly realized that this entity was pushing him towards the open window and we all shouted for him to come down the stairs immediately!.

Mike managed to return down the ladder but was amazed by the pushing force that he was subjected too. At the same time Mark Ferguson suddenly cried out and jumped into the middle of our small group, he practically climbed on top of me and you could see that he was quite terrified. He told how he was standing slightly aside from us, by himself in the dark when suddenly he had felt something lean up against his side and on his shoulder. We were all witness to the fact that nobody else was in contact with him and that his left side was clear of any coaches or other objects in the shed. Mark Ferguson found this too frightening as he had already been grabbed by the entity quite a few times since first entering the Coach House. It was apparent that this unseen entity was picking on him!. We could pick up nothing on film, EMF or anything else at this time.

Since I (Rowena) wasn't bothered by the entity I was the one who then to walk behind everyone with Mark Ferguson in front of me, giving protection to Mark Ferguson from the unseen annoyance he was experiencing and was terrifying him so much.

Monte Cristo has a history of people being pushed off balconies and down stairs. We are not sure if we encountered the same entity that was responsible for the other accidents within Monte Cristo, but we remained highly suspicious.

After experiencing all these things we were all cold and decided that since it was approaching midnight that we'd return inside to see what we could find in the haunted Drawing Room.

Only four of us Mark, Eoghan, Mike and myself felt brave enough to investigate the Drawing Room . The others had had quite enough and did not want to leave the comfort and safety of the other guests and members of the Ryan family in the living quarters.

We headed upstairs fully loaded with cameras, micro cassette recorders, compasses and other equipment. Ready for whatever might happen. Unfortunately one member of our part (Mark) was frightened by the events of the night. Although he was not keen to stay upstairs he still was brave and continued on.

We decided that the best way to handle the Drawing Room was to quietly enter in complete darkness, and to sit very still for a while and see what would occur. There are many many ghost stories surrounding this room, and as I have previously mentioned it's always chilly and there is no explanation for the constant coldness in this room.

I still cannot explain some of the events that took place in the Drawing Room on that night

BELOW RIGHT: Mike is astounded by the spirit activity accumulating in the Drawing Room - he is explaining to us that he thinks a man with a cigar is in the chair next to him.

As we sat in pitch black darkness, Mike walked around getting the "feel" for the room. He soon was shocked to feel the presence of not only one spirit but many. As he was walking around the room he was pushing his way past spirits of the past who were apparently starting to crowd in to the room.

Mark Ferguson was standing in the doorway and had the distinct feeling of people passing by him, although there was no person moving past him, he could feel the distinct movement of people walking past. He was further frightened as he felt the occasional spirit brush his face or the front of his shirt as they entered the room.

We all noticed at the same time that the temperature in the room appeared to be dropping dramatically. Unfortunately we did not have a thermometer that glowed in the dark or with it's own light source, we choose not to disturb the event by turning on a light to check the temperature. We decided to not disturb anything and sit very still and wait for what was going to happen.

Mike was getting overcome by the amount of activity in the room and the rest of us were dealing with feelings of people brushing up against us and the extreme coldness in the room. You could feel the charge in the air and a heaviness set in. At this point we all exclaimed the sudden change in the feel or the room and Mike was the first to point out that something was about to happen.

In mid conversation about a man sitting in the corner of the room with a cigar the group of us at the exact same moment experienced the strong and sudden smell of cigar or tobacco smoke. We were overcome with excitement and jumped up saying "Did you smell that!??". Eoghan and Mike could also smell some form of alcoholic drink which was either Port or Rum. Mike continued to claim that he felt strongly that a man with a suit and a cane was sitting in one of the corner chairs smoking a cigar. There was certainly no way any cigar smoke could enter this room. The other guests and residents of the homestead were in another section and there was no one at the time near the Drawing Room. We do believe that the cigar smoke and port smell was a paranormal event.

The room was really charged now, you could really feel it. We all had the strong feeling that something was either about to materialize or another paranormal event was about to happen. To our dismay two of the AGHS members that were downstairs picked an unfortunate moment to come running up the stairs making loud noises and turning on the upstairs light. The instant they did this the entire thing fell apart. Everything immediately dissipated and the entire room returned back to normal. The temperature began to climb and our goose bumps faded away. We did not see the event that we felt was about to happen.

Although we took many photos while this event was taking place and left a micro-cassette recorder running we failed to capture anything on film or audio tape.

Eoghan with the EMF meterLEFT: Eoghan gets high readings on the EMF meter whilst a small girl spirit is present.

After that great disappointment Mike and Eoghan both shouted out at the same time that the Crawley's had entered the room and they did not want us there, we were all experiencing an uncomfortable feeling (suddenly). We decided to depart and explore some of the other upstairs rooms.

Turning out the lights we once again wandered about in complete darkness. Mike suddenly encountered the spirit of a very young girl. She was in the boys room and seemed desperate for Mikes attention. Mike was quite saddened by her longing for company and her loneness, he had to sit down as she was pointing out the dolls in the room to him. She then took to following him around everywhere. Although we took photos I once again (what a surprise!) did not manage to capture anything on film. Eoghan was armed with the EMF meter and was capturing high readings omitting from the bed in the boys room and around Mike. The boys room has been the scene of many strange haunting tales. When returning to Monte Cristo at a later date another Sensitive also encountered very strong, overwhelming feelings coming from the boys room. He was driven to tears with the emotions he felt at the time. When the T.V show "Scream Test" visited Monte Cristo they experienced frequent equipment failure and also a cardiac monitor that went off completely by itself inside the Boy's Room. They would find the plugs pulled out of their equipment and thrown across the other side of the room at times. This room obviously has a strong entity or spirit residing in it.

Random is overcome by the feeling
At another date Random was overcome by the strange feelings he encountered from the Boy's Room

At this stage in the night I was exhausted after all the events of the day and decided to return to my quarters. I left Eoghan and Mike to explore the back sheds further on their own where they had some very spooky encounters!.

They did indeed continue to explore around the house and back sheds until the early hours of the morning. They experienced the Entity in the Caretakers cottage along with a mysterious green glow that appeared above them at one stage.

They originally entered the Caretakers Cottage wanting to explore the feelings that they got earlier in the night. A very intense, nasty feeling was in there and they both were quite worried about it. Mike wanted to shut the door to see what else he could get from the shed but Eoghan refused, that was when they suddenly noticed a green glow above them on the roof. Needless to say they both exited the shed VERY RAPIDLY.

They approached the Coach House to take a look inside, now being the early hours of the morning, but did not even go near the doorway as the entity that was there earlier was not a friendly one and was making it known to the two sensitive's that it didn't want them to enter again.


The next day dawned and we could do no more ghost hunting as tourists came into the house at 10.00am. After a morning tea and discussion about the events over the weekend we thanked the Ryan family and soon left this beautiful, but haunted mansion.

Eoghan Arnold was the only one who had to stay behind to catch a train later on in the day. He had the fortunate experience of virtually having the entire place to himself. He also encountered the small girl spirit that resided upstairs. She followed him around holding his hand, he described her as a small girl of about 5 or 6 years old, she had a black pinafore type outfit with a white blouse/overcoat. She also had long black curls. She stayed with him until they reached the balcony where Mrs. Crawly is said to reside. She followed Eoghan to the corner of the balcony where the Chapel Room was and then suddenly let go of his hand and ran off back into the house. Eoghan was lucky to experience this small child spirit.


Monte Cristo


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