Phantom Pets

Texas, USA

Well, this isn't a sighting, as much as a feeling. I don't even know if it qualifies as a ghostly experience, as it is my only one.

Let me first describe myself. I'm a large, 24 year old man who has never had a supernatural experience outside of his church (which is another story) but has always believed in ghosts and the supernatural. I write, for fun, so I have a pretty active imagination, but am not prone to imagining things as real. I've always been able to determine the difference between make believe and reality.

Years ago, I met, over the internet, a lovely woman. We talked a lot, and fell in love, and it came time for us to be together. Since we were in different states (I lived in California at the time) I decided to move to be with her. I really wasn't giving up much, I was working a temporary job that was about to give out anyway, and still lived with my father. My mother had passed away the year before.

Now, I suppose I need to back up. I used to have two maltese poodles named Killer and Marmaduke (my father has a twisted sense of humor). Both of them passed away while I was in junior high, but they would sleep on my bed, or my sisters.

Well, as one can imagine, I was still apprehensive. After all, I was 22 years old, and had never been away from my family before. The night I arrived, my girlfriend her sister and I went home, talked, and eventually got tired enough to sleep. There were two twin beds in the house, and her sister (a very nice girl) let me sleep in hers. My girlfriend slept in her own, which was across the room. Well, I couldn't sleep, even though I was very tired from the trip, and lay in bed, not facing my girlfriend because she was asleep. That's when I felt someone sit on the bed. Nothing more, no hand touched me, no soothing voice, just someone sitting on the bed. I fell asleep before I could turn over. I knew my girlfriend was asleep, and her sister had gone to her boyfriends house, so we were alone. I really didn't give it much thought... but later, when I again had trouble sleeping, I felt what could only be described as the feeling of a small animal jumping on the bed and walking on it. I'd had this feeling before, when my mother was sick, and didn't think much of it.

Nothing more happened until two years later, which brings us close to the present day. My girlfriend and I broke up. It was an amiable split, we're still very good friends... but the night before we broke up, I felt that same feeling, of an animal getting on the bed. Then, I fell in love with another girl, again, a ways away, and we were having problems. It came to a point one night last month that it was a choice whether or not to leave her alone and never talk to her. I was very emotionally devastated, and cried for hours. That night, I was visited again. Only this time, the feeling wasn't as if the animal was curled up, it was more like it was playing, jumping on the bed and my legs. But I didn't feel any pressure on my legs! It was more like a blanket that was on top of my legs, that's how light it was.

Last night my friend and I were talking (I decided to stick it out, and I'm happy that I did, although the personal problems haven't been resolved) we talked about ghosts. Again, I have an imagination, so I got into my story I was telling her, and subsequently... umm... scared myself. I went to bed that night with some apprehension, and sure enough, there was that feeling... "she" (I now believe this to be Marmaduke) was sniffing around the bed, and didn't settle down.

Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, please e-mail me.