Catherine, Quebec, Canada

I don't believe in ghosts, paranormal and all that, even now..........but here's some strange phenomenons that must be discussed.

When I was eleven years old (I am now 15), my family and I left Montreal to go live in a way cool house, just in front of the school I was going to go to. When we first visited the house, all the furniture of the former owners was still there. So the day we moved for real into the house, we found a piano in the living room that we thought they had forgotten. We tried to call the former owners to tell them about their forgotten piano but we never managed to contact them and never heard about where they'd gone to. So we put that piano up for sale. Some people came to see it, the first person didn't buy it (don't ask me why) but the second person did. One thing that was really weird was that we NEVER found out a way to get the piano out of the house. We measured all the doorways but the piano was too big to fit through any of the 3 doors of the house. How did the people that originally owned the piano ever get it into the house..? We kept it anyway.

I have no idea how many times it happened after we had moved in the house but my mom put a mirror on the piano and she added flowers and things. I liked (as I still do!) to listen to music (long live to The Offspring!!) with the big stereo that was the other side of the living room (where the piano was). So I was sitting in front of the stereo but my back was facing it..I looked at the piano, then at the mirror. I know that I'm not crazy but in the mirror I saw someone, I saw someone that was staring at his fingers that were playing the piano..I saw only his head, I can't remember what he/she was looked like but I remember that it had a flat face. I was scared sick , I turned off the stereo and ran quickly to the kitchen and didn't dare look in the mirror for a while. When I eventually did look in the mirror I never saw anything, I never saw that face again.

The piano seat couldn't be opened because of the lock so we broke it. When we opened it, there were some pictures of school students (very old). I looked for a flat face amongst the students but I never found the "thing" I saw. One day, as I was passing the piano to go to the kitchen I saw (I had a habit of always looking in the mirror) a window in the mirror, when I usually looked at the mirror I saw the brown wall beside the stereo. I went near the mirror to further investigate, I took a good look at the image and I realized that I could see the person that I once saw in that mirror. This time I saw seeing him outside, he was holding a rake, there were trees and also something that looked like a church in the background.

I never saw another image like that in the mirror, I know that I wasn't hallucinating.

My room was just beside the living room and sometimes, all night long I would hear knocking between the two walls. Like there was something stuck there. I told my father about that, he even slept in my room to try to hear it, he said that he didn't hear anything (he was probably sleeping and snoring louder than the noise)

I'm not living there anymore but that house wasn't that old (well, actually, I don't know how old it was) and I've never experienced phenomenons like that again. I went back to the house to ask the new owners if they could give me some work and pay me, actually I wanted to see the piano. I didn't see any piano.