Resurrection Cemetery

Pennsylvania, USA

Before I tell this story, I have to admit that I have never experienced or seen anything in Resurrection Cemetery first hand, but I have heard the same stories from numerous people who have (most of whom are very reliable), and the story of Damien's grave is pretty commonly known around Pittsburgh. I can, however, attest to the unusual number of car accidents that people who have been involved in on their way back from the Cemetery. But I don't want to ruin the story...

Resurrection Cemetery stands on a lonely, deserted hillside in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although it is off of a highway, the main access to the cemetery is a rather run down road, surrounded on both sides by wooded areas. In short, it is an extremely creepy looking place. It is local legend in Pittsburgh that inside Resurrection Cemetery, on a far edge by itself, is a small, black headstone. The name engraved on the stone reads simply "Damien," and the short epitaph underneath says "Not goodbye, only so long." Legend has it, those who come to see Damien's grave and defile it in any way (step on it, kick the stone, etc.) will be involved in a car accident soon after. I have to admit, when I first heard this story, I did not believe it at all. My mind was changed, however, during my sophomore year of high school. A group of 4 older guys (seniors, mostly) had taken a ride up to Resurrection Cemetery with the intention of seeing if the legend of the grave site was true. Once there three of the guys decided to test the truth of the story, taking turns urinating on the grave site and yelling insults and challenges. The fourth, more than a little frightened by this time, did not. On the way home, not more than 3 miles from the cemetery, their car was hit head on at nearly sixty miles per hour by a drunk driver who crossed the center line. Three of the guys, the ones who urinated on the grave, were killed. The one who did not escaped the crash with only minor injuries. After seeing the condition of the car (it was nearly torn in two by the impact of the crash), I believe that this was some kind of miracle. I know that this story is true, because it was told to me by the survivor, although to this day he will not tell everything about what happened on that night. I do know that many people around here don't even like to pass by the ominous-looking access road that leads to the cemetery. And everyone thinks twice before entering Resurrection Cemetery after dark.