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This isn't my story, it's my sister's. This happened when she was about 11 years old, (she's 18 now).

She was over at her friend's house, let's call her "Cindy", and they were lying on the trampoline, it was a sleepover, so it was dark outside. Cindy had some neighbors that were her age, let's call them "Steve" and "John", and they were also outside that night.

My sister and her friend Cindy were discussing UFO'S and were laughing at the thought of actually seeing one, they didn't know that that very thing was about to happen.

My sister looked up and went pale, she managed to nudge Cindy and point in the direction she was looking, and when she looked both of the girls stared in amazement, there, about 3 feet above the ground was a floating pyramid, it was a metallic green color and it almost seemed to glow.

It started to move into the front yard (they had been in the back) they looked up to see that the two boys had seen it too and had run into the house. Cindy managed to get the courage to follow this triangle so my sister followed, as to not look like a coward, and this thing went across the front yard and out onto the street. It moved down the street a couple of blocks or so, turned down another street, and it was gone.

My sister and her friend never spoke of the incident again until about a year ago, they were over at Cindy's house again and the two neighbor boys were over there and the four of them got to talking about UFO's again. Steve suddenly said, "I saw one once, it was about 6 years ago, I was in my backyard with John and we saw a floating, glowing, green triangle figure moving around between our houses, it seemed to be only 3 feet or so off the ground. Do you remember that, John?" John suddenly seemed to look very scared "Yes, I remember, we ran into the house and found my mom balled up in the center of the living room crying and moaning as if something utterly horrible had happened, and we couldn't get her to tell us what was wrong, she just kept mumbling until we went to bed, and the next day she acted as if nothing had happened...."

Cindy and my sister looked horrified, they remembered that they had followed the thing and seeing it, it was exactly as the guys had described, and as they kept discussing it, it turns out that this had happened the very same night my sister and Cindy had seen it.

I don't know what this was, and neither does my sister, Cindy, Steve, or John. If any one has any idea whatsoever or has had a similar experience to this, please e-mail me.

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This happened about a year and a half ago, it started when my sisters and mother left for an overnight stay at my uncle's house. Me and my best friend Emma had the house to ourselves.

We got on the net and started playing around, reading ghost stories and stuff (yes, on this website) but a couple of the stories started to give us the creeps. We decided we were being silly and found a joke website to take our minds off things.

After we'd completely forgotten about all the ghost stuff, my cat Coco, who had been sitting on my lap for most of this time, stood up and arched his back and started hissing at the back corner of the room. Being as hyper as I was, this didn't really catch my attention, I mostly found it humerous because he's black and looked like some sort of halloween decoration. But as he continued to his and growl at this corner, I heard him howl, literally howl, like a wolf, and he sank his claws into my hand and ran away. Now he'd never used his claws to purposley hurt anyone before, only when something really scares him or makes him jump.

Then I started to notice that neither of the other cats would go into that corner, there appeared to be some sort of force field blocking them. Then something told me to get the hell out of that room. Then Emma turned towards the hallway and there was a slight flash of light, in which was the sillouette of a man, but it was merely a flash and we dodged out of the room. After about 10 minutes, the cats had calmed down and we went back out into the living room. We put on a movie (comedy) and got some popcorn and soda and just watched.

A while later Coco appeared back at the front of the hallway and he meowed, as if trying to get my attention (I know my cats very well) and turned and walked down the hallway. Then the bathroom door shut, all by itself, and I heard thudding coming from inside the bathroom. "Maybe you should go see what's going on in there, maybe Coco is stuck on something," Emma said to me. By now we were both pretty freaked out. So we both went down the hall, holding hands and turned the knob to the bathroom. Somehow Coco had gotten into the bathroom cabinet under the sink and something was literally HOLDING it shut, he'd been throwing himself against it to get out, but something was HOLDING it so he couldn't.

My bathroom cabinet does not lock. And Coco would not let me go anywhere in the house without him by my side after that night, as if trying to protect me from something. About 6 months later, my aunt came and took Coco away, claiming it would be better for me to not have him. Since Coco has been gone, I can sense a very evil presence in my bedroom. And I feel like I'm constantly being watched.

If anyone has questions or would like to hear more about this, email me:


First off I'd just like to say that I love, it's my favorite website. I've been intrested in the paranormal world for a very long time now.

Onto the story. Today, me and my best friend went to a famous haunted building in our town; The Rio Grande. It's haunted by a ghost called the Purple Lady, because whenever she's seen she's dressed in purple. Well my friend and I are both very intrested in anything paranormal, so we wanted to check this place out. When we got there, the museum area was closed off, and we could only go into the resturant area. So in we went. It was disappointing that we couldn't go into the museum, I'd been there once before and seen mysterious scratch marks on the ceiling, and wanted to show them to her. But of course, since that area was closed we couldn't go in. Before we left, she told me she wanted to use the bathroom and asked if I come with her. Once in there, she then asked if I'd hold the stall door closed for her because the lock wasn't working, and because of this, I was standing right next to the stall, so obviously, I had a very clear view of the rest of the restroom and the stalls. We had been chatting through the door of the stall, then my friend just stopped talking in mid sentence, and a few seconds later I heard a woman's voice whisper "What's SHE doing here?" It made me jump a little so I said to my friend inside the stall "Sorry, what was that?" and she said she had not said anything. As we were making our way out of the restroom, she told me about hearing footsteps walking into the restroom, and then saw feet in the stall next to her, so she stopped talking to me because she thought someone had come in. Now as you remember, I was standing in front of the stall, and I had not seen ANYONE come in. On our way out, I picked up a flyer telling about the Purple Lady and the haunting there. On the drive home, I read the paper, upon doing this I found out that the Purple Lady is most often felt in the Women's Restroom.

I might also add, that this same friend and I were using a Ouija board just the night before, so we were still a little sensetive to Paranormal activity.

Thanks for reading!

Submitted From: Steph, Utah, USA

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