Castle of Spirits Ghost Story - 2003

Many members of my family have experienced encounters with ghosts, (including yours truly) but this story is from my aunt.

This is as close as I can remember it.

My aunt used to work in an elementary school. She was an assistant to the principal. One of her duties was to take care of the attendance records. Each day, the attendance was taken during the second period class. It was a very, very small school and she pretty much knew the students by name.

There were two brothers, I'll call them *Jim and *John Roberts, who attended the school. Jim was the older brother and John was a couple of years younger. One day when my aunt was looking over the attendance sheets she collected from the teachers, she saw that both brothers were marked as absent. She was writing down the names of all the absentee students and got up to get something from the other side of her office. When she turned around, she saw John standing just a few feet away looking at her. She was startled to see him. She asked him what was he doing there as he had been marked absent by his teacher. John just shrugged his shoulders at her, but said nothing. A little irritated, she told him he had better hurry and get to class. As he turned to leave, my aunt went to get the item she was looking for and returned to her desk. It was a few minutes later when she was thinking, something about that encounter bothered her.

She had not heard the door open or close when John entered the room.

The door to her office was a big, noisy door that could always be heard each time it was opened. Before she saw John, she had not heard it open, nor did she hear it close when he left the room.

There was also another thing, but she couldn't quite place what it was. Dismissing it from her thoughts, she resumed her work and thought nothing more of it the rest of the day.

The next day, the two boys were marked absent again by their teachers. During her coffee break, my aunt sat with some of the teachers and was surprised to hear them talking about a student that died. One of the teachers remarked how sad it was since the boy who died was so young. My aunt joining them halfway into their talk asked to whom they were referring to. One teacher said it was John Roberts. My aunt was shocked. She asked did he die today? No, they told her he died early yesterday morning. My aunt said they must be mistaken. It had to be the older brother, Jim Roberts who died. All the teachers said no, it was John, the younger brother. " But that couldn't be" my aunt said, "I saw him in my office yesterday around second period. I even told him he had better go to class." Then my aunt realized what bothered her about John's appearance. For one thing she had not heard him say a word to her, but just stood there staring. Besides not hearing him enter or leave, she recalled what he was wearing. Instead of the usual jeans and a T-shirt most boys wore, he was wearing a really nice jacket and a shirt. She thought how strange it was for a 9 year old to wear that to school.

She didn't go to the funeral, but she was told by some of the teachers that did attend that John was buried in a jacket and shirt.

(*names changed)


The first story I submitted was about my aunt. This is about my dad experience. He didn't see a ghost, but had something unexplainable and strange happened.

My parents went to my mom's childhood home. It had been empty since my mom's oldest sister died. She was the only one left living in the house for many years. Since no one occupied the house after her death, the water and electricity were shut off. My parents went and stayed with my mom's niece "V". She was living in a house located only a block or two away. My mom was worried that the house might have been burglarized. With no one living there, it was an easy target. My cousin "V" hadn't been in the house too, for one thing, she was sickly and wheelchair bound.

Before going to see the house, my cousin "V" told my parents that the neighbors stay clear away from the place. She has heard them say it is haunted and that they often see an old man walking around. My parents went anyway and found the house to be in a pretty sad state. The garden in the front and back were all overgrown with weeds and bushes and many of my late aunt's orchids and plants were now dead. The inside of the house however, was in very good shape. There were layers of dust everywhere and all the rooms had a musty odor, but nothing was touched. Everything looked in order.

My mom spent the day taking down all the family pictures and packing them with the albums. She also collected some china and other items that other relatives had asked for. My dad looked around the outside and notice that there was termite damage. He decided to return the following day and do a more thorough check and also clean up the yards a bit. The next day my dad went back alone while my mom kept my cousin company.

My dad brought a bag of tools with him. Hammer, small drill, garden shears, etc. He placed the tool bag on top of the patio table in the front yard. He also placed his baseball cap, sun glasses and jacket on the table next to the bag. He walked over to the wood panels by the front door to see how bad the termite damage was. He was no more than three or four feet away from the patio table.

With his back towards the table, he suddenly heard a lot crash behind him. He turned around instantly to find his tool bag on the floor beside the table. The other items were still left on the table, unmoved. There was no way the tool bag could have slid off. It wasn't anywhere near the edge but was placed almost in the center. It also weighed close to ten pounds so the wind couldn't have blown it off. And if someone had sneaked up behind him, he would have seen him run off because he turned around immediately.

My dad said the noise sounded like someone lifted the bag and the dropped it. He didn't stay long after that. He told my mom what happened a few days later. As far as I know, no one has been in that house since my parent's visit.

Submitted From: USA

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