October 2013

Scared Out Of My Mind

Tiara, IL, USA

I never really believed in ghosts until I came face to face with a few.

The first experience that I had was when I spent the weekend at my grandmother’s. It was around 9:00 or so. On Saturday nights I would always watch a scary television show. It was down to the last five minutes of it, and I was already scared. I heard my name and the voice sounded EXACTLY like my grandmothers. So I went in the den where she was to go ask her did she call me. She told me no, and I could tell she was freaked out by the look in her eyes. Now, my grandmother loves to play tricks on people, but she wasn’t up for tricking me this night. So I went back in her room to watch the last five minutes of the show. When it was over she came in to tell me it was time for me to go to bed. I went to go in my room to get ready for bed. Something told me to look out in the hallway. At first I didn’t want to look, but I looked anyways. There was a little girl maybe about 5 or 6 walking down the hallway towards the bathroom. She looked as if she had stepped directly out of a black and white television show. She had on a dress with ruffles on the bottom, dress socks and shoes, and her hair was curled. When she got to the bathroom doorway, she turned around slowly. When she finally faced me, I was scared as all outdoors. She had no eyes.


There were just black holes where her eyes were supposed to be. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them, she was gone. I quickly pulled the covers over my head and eventually went to sleep. There was another time when I saw a ghost, but I’ll save that for another story.

*Fast forward to now.* I have a little brother who’s 6. When we first moved into our apartment, everything seemed fine. But now, he has to close to bathroom door when it gets dark outside. He had never done this before, and I found it strange. There is something in out bathroom that is scaring him. Then, when he would play the Wii and would want to be by himself. Now, he doesn’t want to be alone. He would get scared and ask either me, my mom, or my other brother to stay in there with him until he went to sleep. I’m scared because I don’t know who or what it is that is scaring him. I would try to ask him what it is, but he’s to afraid to talk about it.

Kanaka Pete and Severed Feet

Anonymous, BC, Canada

I would like to share an experience I had in August 2013. I accompanied my son and a group of Scout-aged boys and a couple of their parents on an overnight camp on Newcastle Island off the Coast of British Columbia. We had read how Newcastle Island is a hot spot for paranormal activity so we thought this would be a fun experience. One of the boys brought along an EMF ghost meter.

One of the youth had seen a found-footage movie that he believed to be true, about a group of college students filming a documentary about the paranormal happenings on Newcastle Island back in 2007. Apparently they were searching for the ghost of the notorious axe murderer, Kanaka Pete who was hanged then buried in an unmarked grave on the far side of Newcastle Island near Kanaka Bay. The college students went missing that night, their video tape was later found and shortly afterwards severed feet in running shoes were discovered along the shoreline. This is all true as I had seen many news reports, including CNN, on this a few years ago.

Nothing is better than a late night ghost story when camping. This was the perfect setting. A paranormal island, the unmarked grave of an axe murderer, the place of origin of severed feet in running shoes found along the shore over the past few years and a found footage video from the Island, it just does not get any better. We brought along a portable video player and we had downloaded a copy of that found video tape from iTunes called "Severed Footage".

At 11 pm we gathered around the campfire and watched the video. There was some pretty scary paranormal stuff happening in the video and we recognized many of the spots we had seen during the day. There is a big sign saying "No Camping Beyond this Point". We were told that is as far as the spirits can travel from their tombs and it is not safe camping past those signs. Of course we all thought that was a big joke, but we did set up camp on the safe side of the signs anyway. The students in the video camped on the wrong side of the signs; bad things happened to them, much of it was seen with their night vision camera.

After we watched the video some of the braver boys thought it would be a cool experience to go down to Kanaka Bay and search for the unmarked grave of Kanaka Pete with the ghost meter, just like the students in the video. The adults were less thrilled than the boys. We reluctantly gave in as the boys were all excited and trying to act brave, daring each other to go all the way to Kanaka Bay. When we left on the hike it was a nice warm evening but as soon as we went past the sign that said "No Camping Beyond this Point" a very cold chill hit us that we could feel right down the back our necks. Now all us brave souls became quiet and a little concerned. As we followed the path towards Kanaka Bay a wind came up and was making the most eerie noise through the trees. Then all of a sudden about 100 meters ahead of us appeared two glowing eyes staring right at us, we thought it to be a raccoon or deer’s eyes refection from our flashlights. We turned off the flashlights and the eyes were still there glowing as bright as ever. This was very unnerving, some suggest we turn back but other trying to act brave wanted to continue because the ghost meter had not gone off. As we got closer the eyes disappeared. When we got to the place where we thought we saw the eyes it was the place of the large tree with the supposed symbol of Kanaka Pete on it as seen in the video we had just watched. We were about half way to Kanaka Bay.

As we were looking at the carved symbol on the tree the EMF ghost meter one of the boys was holding started to beep and flash, slowly at first. We all gathered around it watching in amazement. Then it started beeping faster and faster until it hit max reading. I do not know who screamed first but there was a ton off screaming as everyone ran back the way we came. After about 100 meters the ghost meter stopped and so did we. The wind was still quite strong, the air was icy cold and 10 boys and a few adults just had the (blank) scared out of them. Someone suggested that we try passing that point again real fast so we could get to Kanaka Bay. He was voted down by everyone so we headed back to camp. As soon as we passed the "No Camping" sign the wind stopped and the air was warm again. We all thought we could hear a low but audible eerie sound coming from where we had just been. We all sat around the campfire talking about what we had just experienced, no one wanted to go to bed or maybe we were too scared to go to bed so we sat around the campfire till daylight. Some said it was the most thrilling experience they had ever had while some said it was the most frightening. It is definitely one we will never forget. Camping ghost stories are supposed to be scary and fun…we never dreamed we would become part of one.

Ghost in Verdun

Patrick, WV, USA

This is an account of the one and only experience I have ever had with the supernatural.

In the summer of 2005, while I was working in Europe, I took a vacation to tour part of France, and I visited the World War I battlefield at Verdun, staying in an inexpensive hotel that was located in a very old building, probably one that was originally built before war, and was rebuilt in the 20’s after the war. I was in a room on the top (3rd) floor, a small spare room with old fashioned furnishing. The hotel was located a short distance from the city center and the riverwalk, and the window of my room looked toward the east - in the direction of the battlefield.

I arrived early in the afternoon and spent the first day looking at the town, browsing a couple museums and memorials, and relaxing in cafes along the river. The second day I spent on a guided tour of the battlefield, which included several of the old forts, portions of the trench lines and the huge memorial with the ossuary underneath. I was especially touched by the sight of thousands and thousands of bones from soldiers scattered about in the ossuary.

That second night, I had an experience that I will never forget. I had gone to bed early, because I had a morning train to catch. The room was narrow and log, with the head of the bed near the door to the hall, and the door to the bathroom at the foot of the bed. Past the bathroom door was a small table and one chair, and then the window I have described. Lying in bed on my back with my head on the pillow, I could look right at the window.

After I had been asleep for an hour or so, I happened to wake up. It was sometime around midnight, perhaps shortly after twelve. It was one of those occasions where you wake up but it takes you a few moments to realize you are awake. I lay looking at the ceiling for a minute or so, wondering what had woke me up. Then I shifted my eyes toward the window and I saw a figure standing at the window. It looked like a man wearing a kepi similar to the ones the French police officers wear and with a military tunic. I could make out the shoulder, the head, the torso, but nothing below that because it was only a silhouette in front of the window, and the part below the waste was out of the line of the town lights from outside. It looked as if it were a man leaning his hands on the table and staring out the window in the direction of the battlefield.

Now, it took me several seconds before I actually realized what I was seeing - the figure was there when I first looked toward the window, but my brain didn’t recognize it as a human-like form for a few seconds. Then it was sort of a startling moment when I recognized the figure of a person at the window.

I thought I was seeing things at first, so I raised up on my elbows to get a better view. This better look made me certain I was seeing something, not imagining it. I just stared at it for I’m not sure how long, maybe a minute, maybe 2 or 3 minutes. I was never at any time frightened, but I did have an odd sense that I was experiencing something out of the ordinary. It was clear to me that I was not looking at a flesh and blood man. I really couldn’t make up my mind if it was shadow from something outside that was taking the shape of a person, or if I was seeing some sort of manifestation. I felt it,as much as I saw it. The room was chilled - like cellar or a basement, and as unusually quiet, as if something were muting the usual noises from outside. It’s hard to explain it, but the feeling was as if I was enclosed in some sort of bubble or envelope that separated me from the rest of the world.

I became more and more convinced that it was not a trick shadow from the moon or a street lamp, but that I was actually looking and a silhouette of a man with his back to me, leaning on the table and looking out the window toward the old battlefield.

After a minute or two, I finally decided I should turn on the light, which I could easily reach from the bed. I had to look away from the figure at the window to find the light switch, and turned the light on and looked at the window to see nothing at all there.

I got up and I walked over the window. It was closed, but still yet that part of the room felt cooler than the rest, especially the floor on my bare feet. I looked around for a couple minutes, opened up the window to see if there was something out there that would have cast a shadow that resembled a person, but I couldn’t find anything in my line of sight.

I went back to the bed and turned the light off and stared at the window to see if the shadow or silhouette came back, but it did not. I lay awake for an hour or more trying to figure out what I had seen. I never saw the shadow again, and the only thing I noticed after going back to bed was that the room started warming up again, even though the coolest part of the night was still to come.

That’s it. I may or may not have seen a ghost that night. I am inclined to think that I did, because if it were a shadow of some object outside, it would have come back when I turned the light out again. And the chill in the room slowly subsided after the silhouette was gone. But I guess I’ll never know for sure.