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1 Holly Court

Allison, Florida, USA
December 1999

In Exeter NH, where I used to live, there was a family named the Folsoms. Our neighbourhood fell on the land that they Folsoms once owned. At my house, which was about 20 years old (new for town) had been built when an older one had been torn down. While we were at the house we experienced some odd occurrences.

On several occasions my mother would wake up and see an older man dressed in rumpled, old looking clothing, standing next to her bed, never looking at her, just looking for something. other times my mother would wake up and see an old women standing at the edge of her bed glaring at her in a mean manner, dressed in a similar fashion.

There would also be times when I would wake up late at night to find objects on my dresser moving. Scared as I was, I kept pretending I was asleep. I didn't want whatever it was to "get me".

Other little things happened. Like my dog's distaste of being in the house when he normally loved it. And his constantly barking whenever he wasn't in the house, like he was trying to warn us. I always was afraid to go anywhere in this house by myself. I was scared, and could feel someone watching me, especially in the basement. Strangely, when we moved to house just down the street, these feelings left, and I have never experienced them again.

Allison, Florida, USA
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