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A Babysitting Nightmare

Cece, FL, USA
February 2002

This is not actually an experience of my own, but one of my great aunt, Fi (not her real name) on her first babysitting job.

My Aunt Fi had just recently been married and was considering children, and she wanted to see what it would be like to take care of one for a while. So she arranged to watch my baby cousin Jeremy (not his real name) for a week to get the feel of it.

Aunt Fi also had a habit of playing around with Tarot Cards and Ouija boards (you will see why this important later on in the story).

On the first night Aunt Fi had Jeremy her husband was at work, so the house was unusually quiet. She decided that she would amuse herself with the new set of Tarot cards she had recently purchased. As she pulled them out, Jeremy suddenly became very fussy and wouldn't stop crying. So she set down her Tarot cards and went upstairs to get him. She was hoping a bath would calm him down and make him drowsy so he would fall asleep. She told me that as she walked up the stairs there would be spots where the air was really cold and as she passed through them, she would get this anxious feeling, like she needed to get out. But she brushed this off as late-night jitters and continued up.

When she reached Jeremy's room, she again felt the urgent feeling, only this time, it nagged and nagged at her until she grabbed baby Jeremy and ran out of the room. She realized that she had forgotten his diapers and clean pyjamas, but she wasn't about to go back into that room. She walked quickly down the stairs, getting more and more jumpy as she passed through the cold spots again and broke into a run when she reached the bottom of the stairs. She ran into her bedroom, slammed the door and locked it.

Later, after she had calmed down, she decided she would finally give Jeremy his bath, as he was still whimpering. As she filled the bathtub, she heard a creaking and turned around. She looked just in time to see one of the cabinet doors close. She creeped over to the cabinet, snatched a towel out, and grabbed Jeremy out of the tub. The baby was crying loudly now, and Aunt Fi was snatching up his pajamas and her keys and cell phone. As she tore down the stairs, the power went out, and when she reached the door, she couldn't open it. For about ten seconds she frantically pulled at the door and jiggled the knob. Then, all at once, the power came back on, and the door opened and her husband stumbled in. "What the #&!! was that all about!?" he questioned, but all Aunt Fi said was that she needed to get out of there.

They stayed at my grandmother's house that night (about a mile or two away) and only returned to their house the next day to pack up some clothes and get Jeremy's belongings. Aunt Fi burned her Tarot cards and Ouija board, feeling sure that whatever was in the house had come from them, and hasn't played them since, and needless to say, they moved out of that house as soon as they could.

Cece, FL, USA
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