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A Confrontation

C. Delaney, Quebec, Canada
September 1999

All my life I have experienced the paranormal. In fact it have seen, felt, and heard many things. However, there is one particular experience from my childhood that stands out from all others. This incident occurred in what was already a thoroughly haunted house. Manifestations included:mysterious noises, flying objects, cold spots, and pungent and unexplainable odors and the like. My childhood was often a frightening one. Lets just say my parents were never religious but I learned quickly to pray. It was particularly unfortunate that my bedroom was the epicenter of the paranormal activity. However I digress.

This particular incident occurred on one summer night when I found myself all alone in my house (of the time). You see my parents and sister and I were at a neighbors across the street having a get together. And so while I was playing with the neighborhood kids I got a hankering for a popsicle. So knowing we had some I went over to my house. The door was not locked since that was the kind of neighborhood we lived in. So at first I went upstairs to get the food. This was no sweat since the upstairs always felt safer. In any case, after I had gotten the popsicle I felt an urge to urinate. I do not know why I did not opt to go at the neighbors or to hold it since my fear of the downstairs was substantial enough to make my blood run cold and my heart beat fiercely in my ears. But the fact is I decided to go downstairs. Now it is important to understand that I always feared having to go downstairs to go to the washroom alone.This was because it meant passing the three bedroom doorways (my parent's, my own and my sister's) to get to the end of the hall to our only bathroom. Nonetheless I remember summing up the courage to go down the stairs. Although I must say I did this very quickly while making sure to not even look inside any of the rooms.

After I finished my fundamental business in a brightly lit bathroom I realized I would have to face those doorways again. Not bad I thought since I could keep the bathroom light on as a sort of buffer (a lit area somehow always feels safer huh?). It was then that I pictured my Mother, who was very energy conscious, chastising me for keeping that bathroom light on all night. And so I begrudgingly shut the light off and this time slowly started walking the hall. I felt very odd indeed. It was about then that I reached my parents bedroom doorway. This door was the closest to the stairs so I knew I was almost there. It was then that all previous experiences with flying objects and other smaller manifestations failed to ever compare again. My life seriously changed when I saw "It". I still call this thing "it" because to this day I do not now what it specifically was or why it chose to show itself to me. At this point you must understand I was situated in the middle of my parents bedroom doorway and directly staring at something that returned a steady gaze at me from outside the bedroom's ground floor window. This window looked out into the backyard which at this point was dark. Behind our house was a field, there were no other houses or other lights. And so let me describe this thing before I continue. It was huge and filled the very large window which was double paned and allowed for a man, grown man, to enter through it. Although I call this thing an "it", I recognized it's form. It was a bull. But with a very notable difference.It had features and a feel of something more intelligent. I remember this experience so vividly, I always have. It is like it is etched in my brain. Anyways, I remember it being a shiny black, it was very muscular and it had a moving orangy glow or light source around it coming from who knows where. It's horns stretched out over its head. It's position was one of crouching like when a bull is preparing to charge. But instead it was still and kept a steady hold of me. My most frightening memory of that time is the manner in which I was transfixed. I closed in on it's eyes. I remember the gleams in it's black eyes. I know that it started drawing me in. I recall moving towards it. I got so close it's outline disappeared from my visual frame. I knew it was evil. I was without will. I still do not like to think about what may have happened to me if I hadn't heard someone call out my name. Next thing I knew I was back at the doorway. I had heard the voice of a women. She was stern but not mean. She was very serious. I snapped out of it completely and I was again aware of where I was. The thing was still there but I never looked directly at it again. I could feel a strong, warm and loving presence behind me. It was then that the angel (which I consider it) told me to go, and to (I quote) "Turn around. Do not run. Just turn around and walk away". She ordered me (I simply could not refuse her) to go to see my Mother.

When I got to the door leading to the outside I heard her say "Run!" And she did not have to say it twice. I stayed at the neighbors house with my friends that night.

So there is my story of the paranormal which is 100% truth and as I have recalled it all these years. It is quite unbelievable and I myself find it so sometimes. But it is true and I would swear anything and everything on it.

C. Delaney, Quebec, Canada
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