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A Deal With The Devil

Raquel Robinson, Colorado, USA
May 2000

This story was told to me from a dear uncle of mine. My uncle is a musician and he travels all around the world from time to time. He told me about one of his experiences in New Mexico that changed his life.

My uncle was on his way to a night club when he spotted a man along side the highway. He paid no mind because the man wasn't hitch hiking just walking along side the road. Up the street there was a small gas station where my uncle decided to stop and get him something to drink. As he was going back into his car he noticed the man standing next to it. My uncle said in a polite manner, "can I help you?" The man said, "yes I need a ride to the club a few miles away my car broke down a couple of miles back." He said "sure thats where I'm headed". When they got into the car the man asked my uncle if he wanted some Whiskey. My uncle said sure and took a few drinks, then the man took a few. The man asked him if he was a musician and my uncle replied yes. He asked my uncle if there was anything he would like to change about how he plays that would make him better? My uncle said "not really I'm pretty happy with how I play". The strange man said he is a musician as well and can play any instrument you could think of. My uncle said that he couldn't help but laugh because it was as if the man was insulting him. My uncle and this strange man kept drinking the whiskey and one weird thing my uncle noticed was the whiskey bottle stayed full.

They stayed silent in the car for a few minutes and my uncle suddenly heard the man humming a tune. My uncle stopped the car and said who are you? How do you know that song? The man said I know many things, why do you ask? My uncle said thats a song I wrote but no one, I mean no one knows about it yet. The man laughed and said, "thats funny, that same song can make you a millionaire, would you like to be a millionaire?" My uncle told him all in time the money will come when he earns it. There was another little store coming up and he stopped because the man said he needed to go to the bathroom. As the man went into the store he felt like he was dreaming and a sudden tired feeling come over him. He waited for about 15 minutes, and went in the store to get him. He looked all around and noticed he wasn't in the store. So he asked the store clerk, where did that man go that came in here about 15 minutes ago? The store clerk said you are my first customer since this morning, he said "no way, I just saw him come in here 15 minutes ago. Let me see your video tape for the past 30 minutes". They watched it and sure enough, no one came in. It showed the door kinda opening from a breeze. Or was it a breeze?

My uncle left the store and as he was driving he saw the same man on the street and as he got closer it seemed the man got further away. Then the man wasn't within seeing distance and my uncle never saw him again.

One thing my uncle says that kinda scared him about this man was when he saw him from far away, it looked as if he was floating really high off the ground. My uncle will swear to you that the man he picked up that day was the devil trying to make a deal with him to take his soul. Still to this day when he tells this story his eyes will get all watery as if it is hard for him. He also tells me never to tell anyone that I don't know what I really want out of life, I guess we can all see why.

Raquel Robinson, Colorado, USA
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