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A Drive in the Park

William Cheung, British Columbia, Canada
July 1998

Afew years back,my girlfriend and I spent a quiet evening together just relaxing while we went for a little drive in the park. It was a cold winter evening as we sat comfortably in my small little two seater. After a short while of talking that night, it began to get a bit late so we decided to go home. As I dropped her off that evening I noticed that my lighter in the car had been removed from it's slot, as well as it had been somehow unscrewed. It was quite strange that I found it sitting up straight beside me on the armrest. I didn't know what to think of it at the time. I had asked my girlfriend the next day if she had played with it the night before while we were talking and she told me that she didn't. I knew she was telling me the truth because I would have noticed it if she took it apart. Till this day when I think about it, I still get goosebumps...the car by the way was a Fiero, and in Fiero's the lighter is located on the center armrest console between the driver seat and passenger seat. I don't have that car anymore.

William Cheung, British Columbia, Canada
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