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A Family Trait?

Cambridge, England
August 1999

I'll begin by telling you a little about myself and my family.

We all have a certain amount of physic ability - we can all dowse, some of us can "sense" things other people can't and I can see things in peoples futures.

My parents home, and mine for many years, is haunted by at least two spirits, possibly more. It is a pub, built on the site of the original Saxon settlement and on the exact point were three leylines cross. The building is over 200 years old and has of course seen it's fair share of people and events.

We first discovered it was haunted about a week after we moved in. My brother and I were very young and were upstairs asleep, it being around ten in the evening. My parents were working downstairs. They began hearing footsteps through the ceiling, walking from one end of the upstairs landing to the other. They could even tell what kind of boots the person was wearing from the sound - amazing given that the floor is actually carpeted. They checked, and no-one was about.

A few days later, they heard the piano being played upstairs. My parents were the only two people in the house and they were both downstairs. This was unnerving for a while, but there was never any feeling of malevolence, so we were not unduly disturbed.

One Christmas night, my father saw one of the ghosts, who had also been seen previously by a clairvoyant. My parents were just going to bed and my Dad looked across to see a big, smiling old man watching them. He disappeared almost immediately, as though he was just making sure they were okay.

We continue to hear things in the house, although less and less. I'm quite sad to think these echoes may be fading away. But, I can always find ghosts if I want to - put me in any haunted house and I'll tell you how old they are, what sex they are and whether they're calm or angry. I've used this ability to put a lot of minds at rest, both human and otherwise, and it's a gift I'm really pleased to have, but it's one that has to be used with care.

As I said, my whole family have abilities in this area, and my brother found out to his cost what they can do. When he and some friends experimented with a Ouija board, they allowed an evil spirit to enter the place, causing simultaneous car accidents outside their house, their neighbors house, and one boy's fathers workplace. People with strong psychic abilities should not try contacting the dead unless they are prepared for the consequences.

I hope this story has been of interest to you - there's more to come another time!

Cambridge, England
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