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A Few Ghostly Tales

Jill Griffiths , NSW, Australia
April 2001

I wouldn't say that I am particularly in tune with the spirit world but I have had a few unexplained things happen to me.

I have always believed that ghosts exist but I feel that I have to see it to fully believe it.

The house that I grew up in was a 1920s house in Lindfield, NSW. I have no idea of the history of the house but even though I loved that house it did have an eerie feeling about it in certain parts of the house especially the living room. I'm sure many people know this feeling. Like your scared to be there by yourself particularly at night. My childhood friends noticed the eeriness of the house also.

Even though I always felt that there was a spirit in this house and I was often very scared, I do not believe that the spirit was harmful and he only appeared to me once.

I was looking for my mother and I wandered into the living room. Before me was standing a man. He had sandy blonde hair, brown trench coat and a vacant look in his eyes. It was like he was looking at me but not really seeing me. I looked at him for about 3 seconds before I ran and told my mother that I saw a man in the house. She didn't seem very concerned about it. She told me I had been watching too much TV. I had forgotten about this incident until I was about 12 and my friend and I were trading ghost stories and all of a sudden I remembered it. I asked my mother if she remembers and she does.

Another time a friend of mine was visiting from Queensland and my parents didn't want us to sleep in the same room. They knew that we would stay up all night talking so they made her sleep in the living room. The next day she told me she was so scared all night that she could hardly sleep and she woke up the next day kneeling in front of the couch in a praying position. This particular friend is very sensitive to spirits and has many stories of her own.

The next story happened where the company I work for used to be located in Pyrmont. This building definitely had a feeling of several spirits there but mainly upstairs. It always had a very strong feeling about it and sometimes in the boardroom where I felt this presence the most you could hear and feel the static electricity fill the room. Sometimes it was so strong that the horizontal blinds would crack.

I hadn't mentioned that I felt spirits to anyone. I was always working night shift and one night I was working with this girl. She told me that she occasionally saw, felt and heard ghosts there. We started telling stories and I confessed that I had felt very strong ghostly feelings upstairs. That was where she had mainly felt them also.

I always had the impression that the main spirit upstairs was a female about 19 years old and I got the feeling that she did not like me. I also had the feeling that she wouldn't come downstairs which was fine with me because I did most of my work downstairs.

My boyfriend at the time said to me one day after he had spent many nights watching TV in the boardroom "Did you know that your work is haunted". I just looked at him and said, "You've felt it too" and asked him what had happened. He told me that he had felt it come into the room and that he felt it was a young female ghost. He would continually come to my work and watch TV upstairs in the boardroom. He didn't mind her as he had the impression that she really liked him. This was until we had a fight (he was quite mean sometimes) and he felt that she had turned on him. Just a feeling he had. The strange thing was that I felt at peace with her after that.

The office had a metal railing for the staircase and one time he heard banging on it like someone was wearing a ring and hitting the railing. Another time he saw coat hangers moving on a coat rack and the air conditioning was off. The freaky thing he told me was that he was watching TV and she appeared. She was in front of the TV and touching the picture all over. Then she disappeared.

Another time I was reading a book on the couch that was near the bottom of the staircase and somebody whispered my name from the middle of the staircase and I was in the building alone.

One strange thing that happened there was I was going to the bathroom downstairs and it was directly below the upstairs toilets. I heard the upstairs toilet flush. Everyone had left for the day hours earlier and the lights were off upstairs.

In the edit suite where I spent most of my time we had a glass window between the edit suite and the studio so we could see in there when shooting. I wasn't thinking about anything scary just editing a video when something caught my eye. It was a white figure reflected in the glass. The only way to describe it was that it was a white smoky figure. It was almost like cigarette smoke but compressed. It was human in size but the head was small and pointy and one shoulder was much larger than the other. I watched it mesmerized for a few short seconds. It was just very slowly floating across the room. I turned around. Nothing. I turned back to the window and it was gone. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have been skeptical. This was the only being I saw in this building in the four years I was there. I saw many things out of the corner of my eye only for it to be gone when I looked. I did see two male spirits in the office car park on separate occasions and they appeared human. I know they weren't human because I saw them for a second and then they disappeared.

My next story scared me the most of all. My ex boyfriend (the one before the one I have already mentioned) and I had broken up but we were still friends. He had just moved to an old but renovated granny flat in Kirribilly. I felt the presence almost straight away in the living/dining room and the bathroom which were right next to each other. The more I visited the more uncomfortable (to put it mildly) I was. I felt that it was an old woman that hated me. The last couple of times I visited I felt like she was in my face screaming "Get out"! I didn't like going there at all and I tried explaining to my ex how uncomfortable I was being there. He did not believe me and did not believe in ghosts.

The last time I was there I went into the bathroom for some reason. Nothing unusual. About ten minutes later I went in to use the facilities and the top of the toilet where the button is was covered in blood. It was as though an injured insect had walked all over the top of the toilet and left a trail of blood all over it. There was not an inch of it that wasn't covered. I looked around the small bathroom and found no insect. I showed my ex who went completely pale. I said "I told you", left and never went back. I know this really scared him and he started feeling things there after that and moved out shortly after.

The final story isn't really a ghost story but it scared me at the time. I was working late a few weeks ago (same job different office) and I was bored so I started reading some stories on this web site. I started getting scared so I went into the edit suite. I had some editing to do. About ten minutes later I heard a loud bang and something hit me. One of the florescent light fittings fell and hit me. Coincidence? Maybe. I am not going to read scary stories at night by myself again. Just in case.

Jill Griffiths , NSW, Australia
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