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A Friendly Ghost

Michelle, KA, USA
January 2002

New Year's of 2002 confirmed my assumption of a ghost living in my house. At first I thought I was paranoid coming home late after work. I work in customer service, and when call volumes are low, I sit and read ghost stories and the likes. When I come home from work, I usually go straight upstairs to my office, and work on personal things on my PC. Ever so often I would turn my head towards the doorway, thinking that maybe my dog is upstairs or something passing by the door, catching my eye. I never see anything.

Well come New Years, I had some friends come over. Those who have never visited my house before, walked around the lower area, admiring the paintings on the walls and admiring the house in general. There is a painting and a clock by the back porch door. Most of the paintings are crooked on the walls. We tried straitening them that night, but once we turned around, the paintings were crooked again. Jokingly I told my guests that it might be the ghost. Then another friend turned around and told me that there was. She told me the minute she walked through the door, she could feel a presense.

Excited in a way, I told her to go upstairs with me and investigate. We both concluded that that presense is of the male gender. She felt that he was an older man with gray hair and liked the upstairs hallway. And when we went back downstairs, she thought that maybe one of the sitting rooms near the front door was one of his favorite areas of the house as well. He's a friendly ghost.

Then again a couple of days ago, my two friends and I were in my bedroom watching movies when out of nowhere we heard this noise. You know that thing on the bottom of most door frames; that springy thing with the rubber tip, well something hit it and made it jiggle. We found no mice or anything. We figured it might have been my ghost. Then again, who knows.

I don't know much about the house except that the land was Kansas farmland a long time ago. Kansas is growing fast and most areas are city limits. But maybe back 20 years ago, the area that I currently live used to be cow grazing, horse bucking farm land. So who knows. But I definitely feel a presense in my house. Hopefully he will remain a quiet ghost just like he has been for the seven years I've been living in this house. Or maybe I'm just paranoid and my friends were pulling some pranks.

Michelle, KA, USA
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