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A Ghost At My Door

Selene, AZ, USA
June 2007

About a year or more ago, when I was 10 or 11, I was laying down watching television. It was probably around midnight so I began to get tired. My mom was heading up to bed, so I let my dog in. I turned on the bathroom light, which was about 7 feet from me. After a while I turned off the television and glanced at the clock. I got up and turned off the bathroom light and made sure all the doors were locked. I went back to the couch and closed my eyes.
Now, before I continue I need to tell you the layout of my house. Right when you walk in if you look straight you'll see the back door. The couch ,which I was laying on, is in front of the back door. Now to continue.

My dog was laying right next to me, but after a few minutes I noticed him staring at something. I looked at what he was looking at, the front door. Our front door is wooden but in the middle is a large oval which is clear. The clear part has glass segments all over, so it looks blurry from far away. We have a light outside next to the door with a sensor on it, so whenever something goes by it, it turns on. My dog sat there for a few seconds then he started barking like crazy. All of a sudden the sensor outside turns on and I see this white figure standing outside the front of the door. The white figure was about 5ft tall and looked like a man, but it was just white with no details. I started screaming as loud as I possibly could but the figure stayed there. My dog was still barking and howling. I slowly got off the couch and ran upstairs to my moms room. Right when I got upstairs my mom came out and I began crying. She asked me what was the matter and I told her what had happened. I looked down at the front door but the light had turned off and my dog stopped barking. My mom hugged me and went to bed.

Now every time I am up alone at night I take a look at the front door. Just in case.

Selene, AZ, USA
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