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A Ghost For Every Home

Melissa, VIC, Australia
October 2002

My whole family have had an experience with ghosts one way or another. My Grandmother lived in a haunted house in Germany, but this story is about the homes we have had in Australia.

The first house I lived in was large but I was too young to remember much. I do remember that it had a bad vibe. My grandparents (who I lived with until I was 5) tell me I would some times run out of my room scared for no reason.

The next house I lived in my grandparents still own. For some strange reason I live in mortal fear of the cellar, not even I know why. When I am here by myself I hear some-one walking around up-stairs. Late at night I can here some one snoring in the bed next to mine. One- night two men laughing woke me up but no one was there. And strange things still manage to happen in this house.

In the next house I didn't have anything really happen to me but my mum did. She would often se a little girl in a red dress, at firs she thought it was me but the only problem was I didn't own a red dress. Mum would also wake up to see a man with white hair standing over her at one time he got really angry because mum told him to p*** off.

After that we moved to a big house that had a bad vibe. I'd often sit in my room playing with my dolls (as little girls do) and see some one watching me out the corner of my, but when I would look they would be gone. My pet bird would also go a bit crazed at times.

We then moved to a nice little house near an alley. Late at night two green lights would float up the alley in to our back yard. But that's all that happened there.

My family move out to the country (well in a way) and every thing seamed ok. But I was a teenager who had started to do witch craft and that's when the strange stuff started. Some nights there would be very loud purring, it sounded like there was a very loud cat on the porch. When I was in a room by myself I had a glass thrown at me. Some times when I would look at the front window I would see the reflection of a man behind me but when I would turn around no one was there.

In the house I live in now there is the ghost of a little girl we call Samantha. She laughs at us when we are in the shower (I find that creepy) She calls out for her mum Some times my mum thinks it is me and asks what I want. Samantha also whispers my name. I am use to Samantha but I will never get use to the ghost of the man at my grandmother's house.

Melissa, VIC, Australia
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