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A Ghost In Brand New Houses

Jessica, UK
February 2003

In the area of my town, there had been no hauntings or ghosts etc, as far as I knew, until one day when I got home from school (I was 15 at the time). My mum had had a visit from an old neighbour of ours we hadn't seen for a while. They had been chatting when she told my mum about some friends of her, that had just moved in to one of the houses on the new housing estate, just down the road from us. The owners of the house had experienced lights, TV's and radio's switching themselves off, and more disturbingly a figure of a man. He had appeared standing on the landing outside their bedrooms and at the end of the garden. He was dressed in an old 1930's suit. Builders of the houses had said to them that they had been given instructions not to move a large rock at the end of the garden.

One time, their daughter came home to find the front door locked so knocked for someone to let her in. All of a sudden the man appeared in front of her, blocking her way.

Their son, who is a tough guy in the army, won't even come home! They having also felt as if they are being pushed sometimes, when walking about the house. Their next door neighbours have also experienced similar events.

So after my mum told me this we sat round and talked about it. I couldn't understand how brand new houses could have a ghost. I remembered that before the houses were built there had just been fields that belonged to a nearby farm which held a few horses. Then my mum said there had been an old barn in the corner of the field that my neighours used to play in when they were young. Then we talked to my grandad about it who said he remembered a man who had committed suicide in that barn, back in the 1950's and then was buried on site. Now it made sense. Obviously, the demolishing of the barn and building of the houses had disturbed the spirit of the man.

The owners of the house still live there after three or four years, apparently they don't mind the ghost. I have walked and cycled past the house and have felt a weird atmosphere around there.

Jessica, UK
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