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A Ghostly Encounter In My Home

Tammy Berry, Texas, USA
May 2001

It all started on a night when my first newborn was out of milk. My ex-husband had to leave to go and get some baby milk from the store. So after he left, me and my daughter wet upstairs to our room.

As I began to put her in the bed, I heard a noise downstairs and thought maybe it was from outside, so I didn't pay it any attention. So I made my bed and put my baby to bed. As I was laying in my bed waiting for my ex-husband to come back with the baby formula, I heard the front door open and me thinking it was my husband, I called his name and there was no answer. So I called him again to see if he was back and okay, when all of a sudden, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I began to get up to see if he was back. When I got up to see if he was coming up the stairs, I looked and there was no one on the stairs and the door downstairs was closed and locked.

So thinking nothing of it, I got back into my bed. As I was laying in my bed with my eyes closed, the room became very cold and I covered my head up and made sure my baby was covered up. All of a sudden, there was this cold presence that rubbed across the top of my head and I jumped and looked to see if it was my husband playing and no one was in sight. I became very scared at this time and jumped up and turned on all the lights. As I left the room there was this feeling as if someone was watching me and then the coldness disappeared.

Now what would you think or do in a situation like this?

Tammy Berry, Texas, USA
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