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A House of Secrets

Anonymous, ME, USA
November 2009

In Livermore, Maine USA, there is a beautiful house that is nice looking, but deep down is pretty old. This is my grandparents house.

This house has been known to be haunted for at least 2 decades. When my grandparent moved to this house in the early to mid-seventies, back when my father and my two aunts were young, my grandmother told me she met the previous owners that sold the house to them. She said the former owners were a older man and a woman. My grandmother was curious why the couple wanted to leave the house so badly. The husband replied with a peculiar answer.

"My wife can't handle living in the house. Strange things have happened that frightened her a lot and she nearly begged me to sell the house."

Later on my grandmother knew what the man meant. Over vacations my grandparents, father, and aunts returned home to see the name "Toni" written on the kitchen table, one of my aunt's bed made, ( at the time one of my aunts was a slob and never cleaned her room or made her bed) and my oldest aunt's hair ribbons strewn on the stairs. (When all the doors were found locked and no windows were broken.) Also cameras take pictures by themselves, electronics turn on and off, shadowy figures are seen at the corner of your eye, ghostly photographs, and muffled voices, and of course, "The White Lady."

The White Lady is a white apparition that my older twin cousins saw when they were about toddlers. I believe I have seen her too. A year ago in October 2008.
Here is my experience...

In October 2008, I spent a night or two at my grandparents house overnight. I was having family problems from the past and I wasn't very close with my grandparents at the time. I was kinda scared of sleeping alone because of the many stories I heard. So, my grandfather offered to sleep in the guest room while me and my grandmother slept in a big bed in the master bedroom.

When I fell asleep, I woke up (what felt like only a few hours later) and for some reason I still don't understand, I decided to sit up in bed. I kept staring at the partly open door. It didn't close all the way so it was open 4-5 inches wide. Not very long after I saw something.

A white apparition in woman form appeared at the top of the staircase. (When looking out the bedroom doorway you can see the top of the stairs.) I could see the outline of her hair hanging down her back, her ankle high dress, her small waist, and she had a graceful walk for every movement she made. She was staring straight ahead down the hallway where my grandfather was sleeping. She continued to do this for about 10 seconds. Then, somehow, she noticed I was watching her.
I saw her rather slowly turn her head and look at me. As I mentioned before, everything about her was white. She was a white glowing figure. She had no facial features. Where her face was a flat, but partly curved shape. She stared at me for what I thought, was a bit long. Her head barely moved a muscle when she stared at me.

For some reason I wasn't afraid. I was actually pretty calm. I didn't really feel the temptation to scream or wake my grandmother. But, know I regret it. I don't think my grandmother believes me.

We starred at each other for about 5-8 seconds, and then she faded into a mist like form that quickly blew into the room next to me away from eye sight. I went back to sleep after that.

I have wondered many things since then. Who is the white apparition I saw? What exactly is she doing in this house? What is her name? Is she looking for something? Why did she stare at me for so long? What she trying to identify me? She was quick in some ways to vanish when she knew I saw her. Why didn't she want to be seen?

I hope that I will see her again soon and find the answers!

Anonymous, ME, USA
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