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A Kind Spirit

Tommy, London, UK
October 2014

Okay whenever I tell people about this story they never believe me, they say that I made it up just to scare people but I know what I have seen so it doesn't matter to me if they believe me or not.

Well let me start from the beginning. It was a Friday night and I'd just left my friend's house, the busses were running about every hour or so as it was late in the night around 2:30am so I thought I might as well walk home as I only lived about 20 minutes away from my friends.

The whole journey home I felt like I was being followed/watched constantly from within the bushes that followed the stretch of road leading home, but as I was a bit tipsy I decided that I would put everything down to paranoia and I did & the feeling of being watched was gone like it just drifted in the blowing wind.

Now I reached my house around 3am, by this time everyone in my house was fast asleep, even the cats and dogs were deep asleep. So I stepped into my front room and got comfortable on the chair while I caught up on my programs that I had missed.

I had been sitting in the chair for what felt like days but only 2 hours had passed by so I thought I'd watch one more program before I hit the sack. Half way through my program, my whole body shivered in a weird sense that I was being watched in a aggressive way, I didn't know what was going on or what was going to happen but all I knew was that I was frozen in horror, scared to look around me in case I spotted something I didn't want to see.

I sat there for another 30 minutes until my program had finished, not once did I move my eyes off the screen as I was trying to distract myself from the feeling of something evil and demonic just looking right at me.

By this time I was in no state to move from the chair I was cowering on, so I called for my dog who was sleeping upstairs thinking maybe she would scare off this thing that was here, I waited about 45 seconds before I heard her come running down the stairs in excitement she came In And cuddled up next to me relieving the feeling once more.

I wasn't ready to go to sleep at this time as I was still a bit shaken up, so I was just surfing through the channels on the tv when out of the corner of my eye I saw an all white figure of a man run through my kitchen from one side of the door to the other, my heart was pumping at the speed of a humming birds I jumped to my feet and ran to the other end of the room just staring into my kitchen, in a state of shock not knowing what to do I walked to the top of the stairs and stood there thinking whether to wake my mum brother or sister to tell them.

After 10 minutes of standing there I decided to get into bed, my room which I shared with my brother at the time had two bunk beds in the top left and bottom right corners of the room the beds were the variety that had a desk and a wardrobe built underneath the bed to save space, my bunk was right in the top right of the bedroom opposite door so as you walked in the ladder was perfectly lined up.

So as I walked into my room and stood on the ladder I got two the second step before looking into the bottom left corner of my room to see a partially visible elderly women dressed in a grey cardigan & a floral dress of some sort smiling in my direction, but for some reason I wasn't scared, I wasn't in shock I was in awe that I felt welcomed by her presence in my room I felt protected and safe knowing she was there that I got into bed and slept like without trouble.

About two weeks after my incident I didn't tell anyone not even my family about what happened because they would have thought that I was crazy, but it wasn't until my mum came to me and said that when she was sleeping she awoke to an elderly lady standing in the doorway of her room watching her sleep, so I told my mum and she described to me the exact women I saw in my room two weeks before.

I haven't seen this sweet elderly women since that day but I do believe that she is watching over me not in a bad way but more like a guardian angel keeping me safe from harm's way.

Tommy, London, UK
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