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A Knock At My Door

Drea, MN, USA
January 2013

I live in a boarding house with 16 rooms. I got off of work this evening and I was talking on the phone with a coworker.

There was a knock on my door, I opened it and there was a dark haired lady with what looked like a blind right eye, she didnt have a pupil and her eye was all white. She seemed to be in her late 50s, and looked like life wore her down physically. Her skin was very gray and weathered. She was wearing a dark shirt and brown pants, no shoes.

She tells me she is staying across the hall, I look and "her" door is clearly open. She tells me I am being to loud. I tell her OK, I will be quiet and then I shut my door.

About an hour later go to use the bathroom, and I see a blond lady whom I know lives across the hall coming up the stairs to go to her room. I tell her that I was sorry to disturb her and her friend eariler when I was on the phone. She has a very confused look on her face and tells me she is just getting home from work and she doesnt have a friend over.

I told her a lady with dark hair came over to my room and I saw her door open. The blond assured me that she hasnt been home all day and has had no visitors. In asking the other people that live here, no one knows whom I am talking about nor does anyone know this lady or seen her.

Just spoke with the building manager about what happend, and he did tell me that there was a lady who died across the hall about three years ago from a drug overdose. She had dark hair, and was blind in her right eye.

Was it her ghost at my door?, the strange part was that even though deformed she looked human to me.

Drea, MN, USA
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