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A Night at the Cemetery

Elizabeth Gundry, CT, USA
April 1998

I'll begin telling you a little about myself. Since I was a child I have been extremely interested in the paranormal, I've been visiting graveyards for years, but often times you don't have to visit a graveyard to stir up the paranormal. I'm a 17 year old ordinary female presently trying to develop my psychic ability, I have a hard time discussing it with anyone due to skeptism. My point is that I can sense the paranormal, and I think that's were my interest developed.

The first time I sensed a presence I was with a couple of friends hiking up a mountain at night. It was at Hubbard Park in Meriden CT. We were on our way up to the castle which is known as Castle Craig, I felt a cold air run through my body, but it was a nice night and their was no apparent reason to get the goose bumps I had. I began to experience a paranoid feeling, it was as if we were being followed and someone was watching me. I didn't mention it to anyone with fear that I would be ridiculed, that's when I felt it. Someone or something had been taping on my shoulder. I assumed it was nothing, I kept reassuring myself it had just been a bug that landed on my shoulder or a tree branch, even though I knew what I was feeling I just didn't want to believe it. Then it happened again, repeatedly until about half way up the mountain, finally I mentioned it to my friends, who thought I was being ridiculous. So we left. The next day I went back only to feel the same tapping on my shoulder, but for some reason I wasn't that scared I felt as though it couldn't harm me. Finally the very last time I returned it happened again, this time I wore a thick ski jacket and everytime it tapped on my shoulder you could hear it, that's when my friends finally believed, and I have never returned back there since. After that I did a little research on the park and found that several people have fallen off the mountain plunging to their deaths.

I can tell many more stories similar to this one but I don't choose to bore you, so i'll end with the most recent paranormal experience. My friend and I decided to go to this cemetery (Union also known as White Lady) in Monroe CT. We were walking through the cemetery when we spotted two policemen in their cars, we both lay down in fear that we would receive a tresspassing ticket since it's illegal to be in cemeteries at night. We stayed there for about two hours, in hope that the police would leave so that we could take a few pictures for souvenirs. While we were there I saw a white glowing round object floating thought the cemetery, I just stared, trying to catch my voice to tell my friend, but I was so shocked I couldn't speak, finally I grabbed his shoulder and it was gone, that's when he reported seeing a black figure about two feet tall walking through the cemetery, we held on to each other convincing one another it was only our imagination. I was getting terrible vibes off this cemetery, whatever was there I felt that it was evil and capable of anything. I was about to say "screw the pictures" and leave but then the cops left. So after lying in there for two hours we finally could get out of there. That's when I saw a white mist out of the corner of my eye just floating, only to disappear when looking at it directly. I convinced myself it was only my imagination, and took a few pictures and went on my way.

A few months had passed and I totally forgot about the pictures, and I honestly didn't think anything would show up in the pictures so I kept putting the developing off. Finally I got them developed and little did I know that five of the seven pictures had a white mist in them. One seemingly taking the shape of a female, another of a dragon.

Elizabeth Gundry, CT, USA
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