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A Place Of Sickness

Anna, MO, USA
December 2011

I moved back to Missouri and began renting a house with a good friend in early October of this year (2011). There are only two of us; we are both young females.

About a week before Halloween, we began hearing inexplicable noises (scratching sounds inside of my bedroom walls, knocking at the doors and windows at all hours of the night, thumping like heavy footsteps in the living area, etc.) At first, I figured it was just mice, unruly children and a shifting house, respectively. I tend to find logical explanations for those kinds of occurrences.

A couple days afterward, both my friend and I began to feel irritable and lethargic almost all of the time. Due to most of the noises coming from the front of the house and making it difficult for me to sleep, we began to sleep in the same bedroom at the back of the house. That is when things began to go downhill quickly.

Within the next three and a half days, we went from lethargic to barely able to keep our eyes open at any time. I began to get sick; it started out as a simple sore throat and progressed to the point that I was coughing up blood.

During this time there were several things that I saw that I cannot explain to this day. The first was a shadow in the living room in the middle of the night. It was that of a lanky, hunched man. He walked out of the beam of the streetlight and seemed to be gone. The second was the outline of the form of a medium sized fluffy dog sitting on our sink (my guess was an Akita or a Chow Chow.) We don't have any dogs. The third occurrence was the appearance of two wet footprints leading from the door of the bathroom next to our room to the front of the house. Both of us wear US size 8 women's shoes...these footprints looked to be approximately a men's size 15 or bigger.

The disturbances were really problematic all the way through Halloween and the beginning of November, but they're beginning to settle down...I hope they stay that way...

Anna, MO, USA
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