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A Presence In My Life

Kris, OK, USA
September 2000

Sorry, this is very long.

The house that my family and I used to live in, and are currently renovating to sell, is a fairly new house, built by my grandfather for my dad and his first wife in 1964. He (my grandad) used wood from an old hotel that had been located right across the street from the lot my house was built on. The lot that our house is built on used to be a livery stable.

Well, anyway, there are quite a few "unexplained" things that have happened to my family here, but I am going to mention a few that stand out quite vividly in my mind. The first happening I can remember took place when I was about ten years old (11 years ago). At this time, the house was a two bedroomer, and I was sharing a room with my younger brother. I woke up in the middle of the night to see a woman walk across my bedroom to my dresser. She had on a long white long sleeved nightgown and her hair was long and dark. My mother, at this time, also had long hair, though it was light brown. I thought maybe it was just my mother putting some laundry away, though I had never seen her in a gown like that, and she wasn't usually in the habit of doing laundry at 3:00 in the morning (as my ET alarm clock had let me know what time it was). I went back to sleep, a bit uneasy but too tired to really think to hard about it. In the morning, however, I woke up and, remembering last night's events, went straight to my mother and asked her why she was in our room so late. She looked at me quizzically and said, "I wasn't in your room." I had a bit of trouble sleeping after that.

The next set of events I am going to relate involve my whole family. We have not lived in this house for about six years now. We moved due to my parents job, but kept the house. My father has been trying to fix it up to sell for some time. During the summer, we spend time there working trying to get things ready. On one particular summer day, I was in my bedroom going through stuff. My door was open and had no knob, as it had been newly hung. I was looking at a magazine when I heard a knock at my door. Assuming it was my brother or mom, I looked up to find the door halfway closed. I went out the door but no body was there. I checked in my parents room, to find it empty as well.

I went back into my room, leaving the door half opened, and sat back down. Just then, I head another knock at my door: I looked up and the door was completely shut. Quite scared by this time, I ran through the house out to the garage, where I found my parents. I explained to them what happened. They told me my brother was in the back yard and hadn't been in the house at all. My mom, who had a strange look on her face, said,"Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but, while you guys were out front eating lunch, I had gone into our room (which was right next to mine). While I was in there, I heard what sounded like a door with a knob slamming shut. As I walked back through the house, I noticed all the doors were still open."

My dad, who had come up early that morning, before the rest of us, to get a head start on the work, said,"Well, i was out here earlier today and I heard a door slam shut. I thought someone had come in the house, and so I went to each room checking, but every door, even the front one, was open." My parents are usually quite skeptical of these things, but even they were a little unnerved.

I refused to go back in the house alone, and a few hours later we locked up and left. The next morning, though, I went back into my room and found a radio, which had not been on the day before, blaring full blast music, and in my parent's room, the window was opened. However, it was not the bottom pane, but the top pane which was supposedly stationary. And instead of opening straight up or down, it was pointed, top part unlatched, into the room, and the screen was still in place. Freaked ever last one of us out!

Kris, OK, USA
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