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A Shout in the Night

Richard Lee, Brazil
February 2000

When I was attending a college of higher education in Cheltenham in 1989, I lived in an Edwardian house, which had been sub-divided into flats. I lived with two other undergraduates but at the time they were staying with their parents for the summer vacation.

I started to feel uneasy being there alone, at the time I put it down to having an overactive imagination. I would see movement out of the corner of my eye or I would enter a room where the light was on and I had been sure I'd turned it off.

The overwhelming feeling was of being watched and I spent as much time out of the place as I could. Eventually my flatmates returned for the new semester, and in that first week, just as I was falling to sleep in my bed, I was woken up by what I thought was somebody screaming the name "John", two or three times into my ear. I woke up with a start and spent the rest of the evening in the living room.

After this incident nothing more occurred and soon after I moved to another house. I had totally forgotten about the situation until a friend of mine told me of a conversation he had had with a girl who had had the same experience as me two years prior to me living there. Even being woken up by a shouted name, in her words beginning with the letter J.

Richard Lee, Brazil
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