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A Single Orb or More?

Mark, QLD, Australia
October 2000

After leaving my job of almost 11yrs I moved back to Bundaberg, Queensland to be with my family. I moved into a little two bedroom flat with my brother. After sometime there I noticed some unusual happenings, one experience I found the most frightening when I look back was a single orb of low intense light.

I saw this orb over 4 or 5 nights, if I had just seen this orb once I probably would not have thought to much of it, but the more I saw it the more intense and disturbing my experiences became.

The first night I saw the Orb I awoke from a deep sleep, I had this strange feeling things were not right. I remember I was lying on my back and my head was rested to my left side. I turned my head to the right to face the window where I noticed a milky white Orb shape, it was about a foot in diameter just inside my room near the window. I thought it was the moon refecting through my window until the Orb moved towards me, I felt treatened and scared and after a few seconds the Orb came at me quickly, as a reflex I moved my head to avoid the Orb but my head was thrown back and the Orb vanished. I remember a cold feeling through my body. I didn't get to much sleep after that and I was glad to see daylight.

The next day I convinced myself that I was tired and I was seeing things. That idea changed that night as the Orb returned only this night it was more of a grey than a white, I had the same feeling of being threatened a the same feeling of fear, I was also in the same position in bed and even had to turn my head to see the Orb. The Orb followed the same path and came as quick and I even tried to avoid it the same way, the Orb vanished as the night before, and with the same cold through my body.

The third and following night I just didn't want to go to bed, I did, I manage to get to sleep but I awoke this time facing the Orb, this night the Orb was a merky black colour and the feelings were more intense than the previous nights, it was like it knew and wanted to scare me. Like the previous nights it came at me, I tried to avoid it and my head was thrown back, and the same cold feeling went through my body, after a few minuites I opened my eyes to see the Orb there again, only it was a milky white colour and the same happened as in the previous encounters. I remember being overwhelmed with fear and confusion and at my witts end, I had no understanding or comprehension of what was going on around me. Daylight came but with little or no relief.

Somehow, and I still don't know how, I convinced myself things could not get any worse, I went to bed and did eventually fall asleep. I had woken up like the previous night facing the Orb, only this night the Orb had no hessitation and came straight at me, I tried to get out of the way by moving my head but my head was thrown back, I wanted to keep my eyes closed, but when I opened them the Orb was there again only this time it was the grey colour and it to came at me without hesitation throwing my head back again, without realising what just happened I noticed the Orb again, it was the merky black colour and it came straight at me throwing my head back like before only this time I felt what was a punch to the face. I jumped straight out of bed and turned all the lights on in the flat.

I saw the Orb the following night, this night felt, and was diferent. The Orb again started off a milky white colour but it just sat there near my window. I had no negative feeling about seeing it. I do know I sat there watching it change colouring until it disappeared.

I am still not sure if I was just one Orb, two or even three Orbs that I had seen those nights. I still do not understand why this had happened to me or the reason, if any, maybe one day?

It has been just on three years since this happened and I still see the Orb now and then, I don't fear it now.

Mark, QLD, Australia
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